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Healthy Computing Tip #  425: Use the Keys

Do you find yourself reaching out to use your mouse, which is shunted to the side of your wide keyboard? Are you developing mouse shoulder or mouse arm because of the increased muscle tension from arm abduction as you reach for your mouse?  Spend less time with the mouse and relax your shoulders when you use the keys.*

How to Use the Keys:

In Microsoft Windows there are numerous keyboard alternatives to using the mouse.  By using the keyboard, you can increase your efficiency and reduce your mousing.  The more you use them the easier they become.  Learn and use the following commands:

Key Combinations
Open the Start Menu Windows key or Ctrl + Esc
Close window or program Alt + Spacebar then C
Shut Down the computer Windows Key, then U, then Enter
Minimize the active window Alt + spacebar then N
Maximize the active window  Alt + spacebar then X
Copy selected items to clipboard for later use
Ctrl + C
Cut selected items (and copy to clipboard) 
Ctrl + X
Paste items from clipboard at position of cursor
Ctrl + V
Select All items in a folder, window, or document
Ctrl + A
Undo last action Ctrl + Z
Repeat last action Ctrl + Y
Save changes to current file Ctrl + S
Print current file
Ctrl + P
Open a file from within a program
Ctrl + O
Create a new file within a program
 Ctrl + N

Regardless whether you use the keyboard commands or the mouse, take many micro and movement breaks to regenerate.

* Adapted from Keyboard Alternatives to Using the Mouse which was compiled by the RET Project. We thank Ray Grott for these alternative keyboard suggestions.

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