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Reasonable Accommodations Verification Document

  • Make sure that your DPRC file indicates your eligibility for test accommodations.
  • If you don’t already have a “Reasonable Accommodations Verification” document, complete & submit an Accommodation request form at the DPRC front desk.
  • Return & pick up the “Reasonable Accommodations Verification” at the DPRC front desk & share it with your instructors.

NOTE: It is best to meet with instructors during their office hours. Contact a DPRC specialist immediately if you have any questions or concerns about negotiating test accommodations.

Accommodations Changes

  • Changes to your test accommodations require prior approval by a DPRC specialist.

Request for DPRC Proctored Exams

  • Schedule your exams and/or quizzes with accommodations by completing & returning an Exam Accommodation Request (EAR) Form to the Test Assistants in the DPRC.
  • EAR Forms are available in the DPRC in printed format or download the E.A.R. form here
  • Students, not instructors, must bring the EAR Form to the DPRC.
  • Use one EAR Form per course, listing all the exams for that course.

NOTE: Deadlines to submit an EAR form are listed on the EAR Form.  Late submission may require rescheduling an exam or losing accommodations for that exam.

Time Allotted on Examinations

  • Students are given the time indicated on the EAR Form for completing the exam.
  • Unlimited time on tests is not a reasonable accommodation option and therefore not provided.
  • If you are 30 minutes late or more, you will be considered a “NO SHOW”.  Your exam will be cancelled and rescheduled for another day with instructor’s approval.

NOTE: A test proctor will stop the test at the designated end time. You may ask the test proctor to give you a 15 minute warning.

Student Conduct

  • Cell phones and other handheld devices must be left with the test proctor.
  • Before starting an exam, the test proctor will inspect all test materials.
  • View Student Conduct Code at
  • Use of unauthorized materials during exam results in immediately stopping the exam and the student conduct is reported in writing to the instructor. The instructor has the option to refer a student to the Director of Student Conduct in Student Affairs/Enrollment Management for disciplinary action.

NOTE: Follow the Student Conduct Code during an exam.
Please contact Erin Elgersma, Academic Accommodations Coordinator, at 415/338-7179, or the Test Assistants, at 415/405-3729 for cancellations, rescheduling of exams, scheduling pop quizzes, or for any other scheduling concerns.

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