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Notetaking Accommodations FAQ

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What are notetaking accommodations?

Some students with disabilities have difficulty taking notes in class because of a disability. To accommodate this disability, the DPRC provides an opportunity for the student to receive copies of someone else's notes. The accommodation is provided only when the student is in class; it is not a substitute for attendance.

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What is the difference between a "volunteer" notetaker and a "paid" notetaker?

Volunteer notetakers are other students in the class; paid notetakers are DPRC academic assistants hired to go to class to take notes. Volunteer notetakers in the class can become paid notetakers if they qualify for the position and are willing to go through the payroll procedures.

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How can I assist a student in getting a notetaker from the class?

A student who wants an in-class notetaker will give you a memo asking for your assistance in recruiting a volunteer from the class. For privacy reasons, it is important not to identify the student with the disability, so the memo contains a suggested script for you to use. The student will provide the volunteer with special paper known as "NCR paper" that makes an immediate copy or will arrange to have the notes copied at the DPRC. The student will also let the volunteer know how to become a paid notetaker if so desired.

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