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Disability Access in Classrooms FAQ

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Do you have a Disability Access Statement that I can add to my course syllabus?

Yes, the DPRC has developed the following Disability Access Statement for course syllabi:

"Students with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations are encouraged to contact the instructor. The Disability Programs and Resource Center is available to facilitate the reasonable accommodations process. The DPRC, located in SSB 110, can be reached by telephone at 338-2472 (voice/TTY) or by e-mail at"

It is University policy to provide, on a flexible and individualized basis, reasonable accommodations to students who have disabilities that may affect their ability to participate in course activities or to meet course requirements. Students with documented disabilities must register with the DPRC to facilitate the reasonable accommodations process. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact their instructors to discuss their individual needs for accommodation; instructors are encouraged to contact the DPRC for assistance in providing accommodations.

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Can I require students who I think have a disability to register with the DPRC for reasonable accommodations?

No student can be required to register with the DPRC; it is an individual choice. However, a student must be registered with the DPRC in order to receive reasonable accommodations on campus.

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What do I do if I suspect a student has a disability?

Do not tell a student you think he/she has a disability! Approach the student as you would any other student having difficulty in the class. Inquire about what might be impacting the student's progress in the class. A student with a disability will likely disclose at this time if the difficulties are disability-related. Refer the student to the DPRC if he/she discloses a disability or indicates he/she suspects a disability. If neither of these scenarios occurs, we recommend providing the student with a list of campus resources, including the DPRC.

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Is a student required to divulge the nature of the disability?

No, students are not required to tell you the nature of their disabilities or to provide copies of their disability documentation. Students requesting reasonable accommodations do have to provide you with a letter from the DPRC confirming that they have a documented disability and listing the approved accommodations. The DPRC is the authorized entity charged with documenting disabilities and recommending reasonable accommodations at SFSU.

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Do I need to accommodate the student's disability without any written verification from the DPRC?

No. Students who have been verified for services have written confirmation from the DPRC. If a student does not have a DPRC verification memo, please refer him/her to our office in the Student Services building, Room 110.

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