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TTY logoHow to use the Pay Phone TTY on Campus

  1. Place the telephone handset in the cradle mounted next to the pay phone or on the shelf above the TTY drawer.
  2. Dial the number you are calling and watch the red signal light on the front of the TTY drawer. This light indicates whether you have a dial tone, a ring, or a busy signal.
  3. When the party you are calling answers with a TTY, the drawer will open. If it remains closed, press *** on the telephone keypad to activate the TTY Announcer. The announcer will transmit and repeat the message, "Hearing impaired caller, use TTY" until the TTY signal is received.
  4. Once the drawer has opened, you can begin typing your message.
  5. When you have completed the call, replace the handset. The display screen of the TTY drawer will flash "Drawer Closing." When the drawer closes, the conversation will be cleared from the memory. To keep the drawer open, press any key and it will remain open as long as you are using the TTY.

For problems with the use of the Pay Phone TTY, please contact AT&T (formerly SBC) at the number listed on the payphone and inform the DPRC of your contact with AT&T.

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