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The University's closed circuit cable system, which is maintained by the Audio-Visual Center on campus, has a number of dedicated channels that can transmit TV signal with decoded closed captions. Therefore, any classroom on campus with a TV or video projection system can receive these broadcasts with closed-captioning upon request.

Further information, please visit:

If a faculty wishes to present media with closed captioning in class, he/she may drop off the media at the Audio-Visual Center and ask that it be cablecast on a channel with a closed caption decoder. It is strongly recommended the media be tested on the A/V Center's system when it is dropped off to make sure it has captioning encoded on it and that it plays back properly. Not all media has closed captioning. The decoder itself does not automatically turn spoken words into text. The decoder only reads closed captioning data off of the media, so if there is no closed captioning data on the media, the decoder will not be able to display closed captions regardless of the settings. To determine whether the media has closed captioning, look for a "CC" icon on the media itself or the media's packaging, usually near where the media's rating is. If the media is recorded at home, a TV guide for the program can be consulted to see if it is closed-captioned. If a DVD is used, go to the DVD menu to activate either subtitles or closed captioning. DVDs do not require the use of the closed-caption decoder; it is used only for VHS video tapes.

In addition, we have several TV/VCR and multimedia carts that are equipped with closed caption decoders which can be delivered into classrooms upon request. For further information, please visit:

In addition, McKenna Theater and Knuth Hall have decoders installed in their respective consoles. Information is available on how to use the MyCap Junior closed-caption decoder found on the TV/VCR cart or in the consoles in McKenna Theater and Knuth Hall.

All AV Media (i.e., VHS tapes and DVDs) with closed captioning or subtitling is designated in its appropriate annotation listing in the AV Media Catalog. The A/V Center does not maintain separate listings for closed captioned or subtitled media.

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