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Smart Pen

A Smart Pen is a pen device that can record audio from your lectures, in addition to recording the handwritten notes that you take in class. The pen is designed to allow students to be strategic with their time and only review selected portions of the recorded lecture after class to fill in any gaps of the written notes. This and other functionality can be learned about at a training to be provided on using the Smart Pens as needed.

The DPRC offers the Echo Smart Pen to students who are eligible for note-taking services.

Echo SmartPen

Spring 2014 information

The following will apply to students who are eligible to use Smart Pens:

  • The DPRC will provide training on using these Smart Pens before we check one out to you.
  • You will have option of receiving standard note-taking services along with the Smart Pen OR elect to only receive the Smart Pen.
  • You will need to sign an equipment checkout form that holds you financially responsible for a lost/damaged pen.
  • You must return or renew the Smart Pen to the DPRC at the end of the semester
  • DPRC will provide 5 books of Smart Pen paper for pilot participants
  • DPRC will provide ink cartridges if your Smart Pen runs out

SmartPen Resources

LiveScribe Desktop software

Echo Smartpen Accessories (Students may purchase more equipment at their own expense.)

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