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Image: Photos of the SF State campus and students using a headset, a braille keyboard and a blind cane


In the Fall of 2006, SF State started implementation of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) in order to develop a work plan, guidance, and resources to assist the campus-at-large in ensuring full and equal access to Information Communication Technology to individuals with disabilities. SF State has set in place an Information Communication Technology (ICT) Procurement Plan Within the plan are procedures and process to ensure that the campus will purchase the most accessible ICT products.


Laws and Policy

California State Universities are obliged by California Government Code 11135 through 11139.8 to provide protection from discrimination. This section of California Code brings into State law the protection of Title II of the ADA which recognizes the necessity of equal access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) application of accessibility standards within Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act .
Each CSU campus shall observe and adhere to Section 508 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, as amended in 1998 standards, CA Code 11135 as amended byCA Senate Bill 302, [Kuehl] (2003), and, as mandated in California State University (CSU) Executive Order 926 (2004) with subsequent Coded memoranda (2013).

Programmatic planning, implementation and development of methods for assessing Information Communication Technology (ICT) that is used, managed, developed and procured is performed independently with guided network assistance of the ATI within the CSU Chancellors Office.



  • SF State Procurement Implementation Plan
  • Procurements below the competitive threshold
  • Formal Competitive Procurements
  • The Campus Requester
  • 508 ICT Product Requisition Support Form
  • The ICT Technical Advisor
  • The Disability Access Compliance Analyst (DACA)
  • California State University (CSU): Best practice procedures


Forms and Standards

  • Requisition Support Form
  • Equally Effective Alternative Access plan
  • Section 508 Standards
  • Procurement Process Guide
  • 508 Quick Reference Guide


External Links

A short listing of  State and Federal E&IT, Section 508 resources have been posted to the external link section of this website. Check back often as additional links will be added as SF State expands its associations with other national and international campuses and organizations.

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