Downtown Campus Central Operations

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Keys and Security

Upon being assigned a CyberKey, access is determined by the Director of your college/department. Upon any changes in status and/or additional access for staff, said changes to keys must also come from the appropriate Director of your college/department. Final approval for key access is made by Central Operations.

A Key Request Form will be provided for staff to sign in order to keep records of key distribution/access.

The replacement cost of a CyberKey is approximately $100.00.

Each staff person is responsible for their key. Please never loan your key to anyone for any reason. Employees will be charged for lost or stolen keys.


Maintenance for CyberKey holders

All CyberKeys require redocking at the docking stations located in the hallways outside of room 525 and 671. Redocks are necessary when

  1. Your key expires (a schedule is provided for redocks to prevent expirations),
  2. The memory is full (green light flashes and key sounds) or,
  3. After a period of more than two months from the last redock.

The life of your CyberKey battery is intended for one year. Once your battery dies return the key to Central Operations for a replacement. Replacing the battery requires a redock.

Some staff need to redock much more frequently than others if their jobs require the accessing of multiple rooms daily. Each staff is required to know the frequency/schedule for their redocks. If you are unsure please check with Central Operations.

Upon departure from the SF State Downtown Campus, return your CyberKey to Central Operations, along with your Access Badge if you were assigned one. All Lost or Stolen keys must be reported to Central Operations immediately for the continued security of our space.

Central Operations Contact List

All redocks are at docking stations in hallways outside of room 525 and 671.

Wendy Shepard, Director of Downtown Campus Central Operations: 415.817.4390 (emergency only, cell: 415.238.4473).

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