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About SF State Payroll Deduction

Please Support SF State using Payroll Deduction
(for university employees only)

It’s the quick and easy way to include the University among the charities you already support.

You can help the college, department, or program of your choice – and support SF State’s annual fund or scholarship funds. 

Monthly payroll deductions make this process simple and painless.  To download a payroll deduction form, please click here

With state funding of SF State's budget down over 50% in recent years, giving by alumni, parents, friends, foundations and corporations has helped bridge this gap. Faculty and staff are the heart of our community.  Your support is guaranteed to make a difference.

 “At the end of the day, we are known by the good we have helped catalyze among our family, friends and the organizations with which we’re involved,” explains Provost Sue Rosser. “Please join me, and our many colleagues, and donate today to SF State. We recognize and applaud all the extra time and effort, often beyond the call of duty, faculty and staff dedicate to serving our students and community.  Despite ongoing budget cuts, together we will help guarantee that the University remains accessible and strong for today’s students and the next generation.”

Thank you in advance for your gift – your participation matters.

How it works

Once you enroll to make a gift via payroll deduction, your donation is automatically deducted from your paycheck at the level you specified and credited into a receiving account associated with the fund you selected to support.  Payroll deduction is a convenient alternative to payment by credit card, check, or bank transfer.

Upon completing the payroll deduction form (link above or in left margin), return it to Irina Krasnitskaya, University Development, ADM 153 via campus mail.

Information received by the tenth of the month will appear as a deduction in your next paycheck. If received after the tenth of the month, the deduction will be taken in 60 days.

To cancel or modify a deduction: please complete a new form with your changes, and send it to Irina Krasnitskaya, University Development, ADM 153.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Irina Krasnitskaya at 415-338-6571 or

Thank You!

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