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SFSU College of Science and Engineering
College enrollment by gender and ethnicity
University enrollment by gender and ethnicity

National Science Foundation
Science and engineering statistics

Bachelor's degrees awarded in S&E and non-S&E fields, by sex: 1966–2007--pdf

TABLE C-5. Bachelor's degrees, by field and sex: 1998–2007—pdf

TABLE C-8. Bachelor's degrees awarded in engineering, by sex, race/ethnicity, & citizenship: 1990–2007--pdf


Education Advocacy
American Medical Women's Association

The Vision and Voice of Women in Medicine since 1915: organization of women physicians, medical students, and people dedicated to serve women's voice in medicine

National Center for Science in Early Childhood

Making science available to children in preschool



American Association of University Women

Breaking Through Barriers for Women and Girls

Women in Science and Mathematics

The Paradox of Critical Mass for Women in Science
Studied 30 science departments to see which had the most PhD female graduates

Mutual Support

Library of Women in Science and Engineering

Women in Science:
A Selection of 16 Significant Contributors-pdf

American College of Physicians-Women in Medicine:
A Historical Look into Women in Medicine (1880-1930), articles featuring women physicians

American Academy of Pediatrics-Women in Pediatrics:
information on women leaders in pediatrics, workplace issues, demographics

Women in Science and Engineering archive

Society of Women Engineers homepage

Association for Women Geoscientists:
Encourages women participation, provides educational information, and enhances the professional advancement of women in the geociences


Respect for Similarities and Differences
A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT

Myths about girls in science are debunked by results

Understanding the required abilities to succeed in science can help to also understand gender differences


Empirical Evidence and Experience
CEOSE Mini-Symposium on Women of Color in STEM


Lesson plans, class activities, k-12 outreach programs

Women in Science and Engineering/University of Michigan
Encourage women and girls to pursue science careers

UC Davis Department of Chemistry Outreach


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