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The following articles from the 2011 issue are available to download as PDFs:

Cover/Inside Front Cover/Back Cover

2. Novel Appendages:
Fish Genes Reveal Developmental Secrets by Dario Calabrese

7. Evo-Devo in Detail by Dr. Karen Crow

8. A Guardian of Groundwater by Brad Casenave
14. Pollinators of Biodiversity:
Bumblebees & Climate Change in the Sierra Nevada by Dara O’ Beirne

21. Tracing the Roots of Social Behavior by Anna Bohlin

26. Demystifying the Ancients:
Single-celled Superheroes by Jennifer McGowan

32. Using Math to Untangle DNA by Annie Bautista

36. Topological mechanism of DNA unlinking by the XerCD-FtsK system: Public Abstract
by Dr. Mariel Vazquez, Principle Investigator

40. New SF State Programs Promote Stem Cell Careers by Karin Busk

46. Math Education: A Fortunate Approach by Kimberly Smith

52. SF State’s Math and Science Teacher Fellowship:
Where Teachers Go to Grow by Jamie Chan, MA

54. Climate Change Biology: Stress on Ocean Organisms by Robert Hausman

59. Looking for Limpets by Dr. Anne Todgham

61. Online Mathematics: Shortening the Distance by Agni Naidu and 64. Peripatetic Professor
and Researcher
by Dr. Arek Goetz

65. About the Authors











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