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The College of Science and Engineering has a small fleet of vehicles available for field trips and work-related business. All drivers must meet requirements outlined in the SFSU Vehicle Use Policy to drive any State vehicle.

COSE Vehicle Use Policy

This policy covers vehicles and personnel affiliated with the College of Science and Engineering (COSE). The COSE follows CSU and SFSU policies and guidelines, but may choose to be more restrictive if deemed necessary.
Vehicle Drivers
A person eligible to apply for Approved State Vehicle Driver status must be a current SFSU employee paid through “General Fund” or “ORSP Grant” funds. To drive a COSE vehicle, the person must also be affiliated with the COSE and have Department Chair or Director approval.

“Non-Employee” students (which include those paid solely with stipends) or any type of volunteer may NOT operate a COSE vehicle or drive on state business, including field trips.

An eligible SFSU employee includes the following ONLY:
Paid faculty and staff
Paid student employees and research staff
Note: Effective immediately, per SFSU policy, no “approved” or “acknowledged” volunteer employee* may drive a state vehicle or drive on state business.*even with “Volunteer Acknowledgement Form” #156E-1.
An “eligible” employee may apply to be an Approved State Vehicle Driver if and only if the following criteria are met:
Current California driver’s license
Age 18 or over
Good driving record (DMV Employee Pull Notice Program)
Current defensive driving certificate
Department Chair or Director approval


Steps to State Vehicle Driver Status

Follow instructions given at the driver safety link below:

SF State HRSRM | Environmental Health & Occupational Safety | Safety Training

Driver Safety Program

The University's Driver Safety Program establishes policy and procedures governing employee use of private and University owned vehicles for business purposes, University-sponsored field trips and foreign and domestic travel. The program has been implemented to ensure the safety of employees, student and the public and comply with CSU and California mandates.

Prior authorization must be obtained before operating a private or University owned motorized vehicle on University business (including powered carts, tractors, forklifts and rented vehicles). Authorized drivers must possess a valid driver's license, maintain a good driving record and complete Defensive Driver Training.

Reserving a COSE Vehicle

These are the designated departments that handle vehicle reservations and records.
Geoscience Office: campus vehicles only
Biology Office: campus vehicles only
RTC Office: RTC vehicles only
To reserve a vehicle, contact one of the above offices.
Verify that you are on the Approved Drivers list
Fill out a COSE Vehicle Reservation Form
Before operating the vehicle, walk around it and perform a visual inspection.
Check vehicle operation and fill out the “Daily Trip Self-Inspection” form
Fill out the vehicle use log located in the glove compartment
Report any problems with the vehicle to the designated department

Use of Private Vehicle on State Business
The COSE discourages the use of private vehicles for state business, however, SFSU does make provisions for such situations. Check the Safety and Risk Management website Travel and Driving.
Form “Authorization to Use Private Vehicle on State Business” – Form STD 261 (optional).
Only required of employees that use their private vehicle for State business. Complete Part I of the form. Obtain department Administrator’s signature of approval on Part II. This form must be renewed annually for as long as the employee needs to drive on state business.

State employees may also reference the CSU's State Vehicle Use Policy manual called the CSU: Use of University and Private Vehicles Guidelines (PDF) located on the CSU system wide website. (currently under revision)

Contact Information
Office of Risk Management
1600 Holloway Avenue, ADM 252
San Francisco, CA 94132-4170
Phone: (415) 338-2565
FAX: (415) 338-2498


Reporting Vehicle Accidents

If you are involved in an accident while on State business, follow the steps outlined in the weblink below for the University’s procedures:
Travel and Driving | How to Report My Auto Accident
• Obtain medical assistance if you or anyone else is hurt
• Do not admit fault or make any promises
• Call the state highway patrol

• You may also phone Risk Management at (415) 338-2565 during normal business hours for assistanceInsurance (ORIM) when damage is less than $500 and no other party is involved. CA State Motor Vehicle Accidents

More Information
For detailed information on the University's policies concerning the use of state vehicles or using personal vehicles for state business, contact the Office of Safety and Risk Management.




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