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SU General Education Program

The description of the GE Program can be found in the:


NOTE: Engineering students follow a slightly different GE Program. Obtain a copy from the School of Engineering, (SCI 163)


How to Plan Your GE Program:

Talk to your friends? Sometimes it is good advice. Most of the time it is BAD ADVICE. You'd be doing yourself a favor by talking to your departmental advisor instead:


Before You See a GE Advisor:

1. Get official records of your current GE status.

  • - Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) printout. You can obtain these at the One Stop Student Services Center for a small fee.
  • - Advanced Standing Evaluation (ASE). This printout is only for transfer students coming from 4-year or out-of-state community colleges. Transferrable credit from most California community college will automatically appear on your DARS report.

2. Get a GE worksheet.

  • Engineering students get worksheet from School of Engineering office, SCI 163
  • All other students use worksheet from the end of the SFSU Class Schedule booklet.

3. Fill out the worksheet the best you can.

4. Organize the GE worksheets and the official records of your current GE status in a file folder.

5. Bring the folder with you when you see your GE advisor.





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