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University Travel Policy and Procedures


The university travel policy and reimbursement forms can sometimes be cumbersome the first time or two you use them. Feel free to contact Arlene Essex if you have questions regarding completion of the form.


Information regarding the university’s travel policy, its procedures and forms can be found here


Except for international travel, travel advances are no longer permitted.


Current travel reimbursement rates are:











Effective January 1, 2010 the mileage reimbursement is 50/cents per mile.

Please note that generally all meal reimbursements for daily travel of less than 24 hours are taxable and reportable income and are subject to Federal and State Income and applicable Social Security/Medicare taxes. (See the Travel Policy for further details.)


When processing a travel reimbursement claim, you must submit all original receipts. 

If you are traveling with a group of students and have paid their expenses for them, you must:


  • Complete the itemized listing of actual expenses form for you and one for each student
  • Complete the reimbursement form with you as the traveler, listing their expenses as shown on the itemized listing form as your “business expense”


International Travel

All international travel must be preapproved in writing by the President or a Vice President/Provost. This new policy applies to all international travel regardless of whether or not a cash advance is requested. All travel authorizations should be documented on the ATEA (Authorization to Travel and Expense Advance) form.  
If no travel advance was requested, the signed ATEA form will be returned to you and must be submitted with the Travel Expense Claim form at the conclusion of the trip.  If you received a cash advance, your settlement using the Travel Expense Claim form must be submitted within 30 days after date of return.  If you did not receive an advance, you must make your reimbursement request within 90 days after date of return, no exceptions. Effective September 1, 2009, CSU policy requires that administrators, faculty, staff, and students traveling to international destinations obtain the CSU's Foreign Travel Liability Insurance coverage prior to departure from the United States.  Forms making this request can be found here under “Foreign Travel Insurance Forms. You will need both the “ Release of Liability Packet”and “Request for Foreign Insurance Packet”.  Questions?  Call Linda Medina-Sam in Risk Management at x82691 or email at mdinasam@sfsu.edu.  Travelers participating in the University's Study Abroad Program should contact the Office of International Programs to discuss appropriate insurance coverage.


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