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Student Payment Information


When determining how to pay your student assistants, you may learn that certain funding agencies will permit you to pay them via a stipend, rather than as employees. It is true that stipends do not carry fringe benefit charges, nor is there indirect costs charged on stipends, thereby creating more funds available for other programmatic expenditures. But consider the following:


Stipends are a means by which you give a deserving student funds for living expenses and are not to be confused with employment. If you have an arrangement with a student whereby they receive a monthly stipend for work to be performed and they do not perform those duties, you cannot fire them. There have been situations where students did not live up to their work arrangement agreement, but continued to receive their stipends for the duration of the period stipulated on the Stipend Appointment Form, typically a semester.


Stipends affect a student’s financial aid package, not just during fall and spring semesters, but sometimes in the summer as well. Each Stipend Appointment Form is reviewed by the Financial Aid office and will not be approved if the student has met or soon will meet their financial aid limit.


Additionally, all educational support for students - payment of all student school expenses (student fees, resident/non-resident tuition, book allowances, school supplies and transportation to and from campus) - must be submitted for payment on a Stipend Appointment Form and be approved by Financial Aid. They therefore become part of the student’s financial paid package.


Student Employment

When you are hiring a student onto your sponsored project an ORSP Student Assistant and Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) Hiring Request Form must be completed.

Go to http://research.sfsu.edu/paypeople/paypeople.html and click on “Hire Students”. 


The following Employment Documents are required for all Student Assistant Classifications and must be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) prior to the first day of work and may be obtained from the ORSP office.


  • Student Payroll Action Form (SPAR Form)
  • SSA 1945 Form – Employment Not Covered by Social Security. 
  • Non Disclosure of Employee Home Address.
  • Student Time Report 
  • Employment Action Request Form – this form is used for Student Assistants who work in the BRIDGE Classifications (more than 20 hours per week). This form is used in lieu of the SPAR Form (listed above).
  • UAW LOCAL 4123 Membership Form – for students hired into Unit 11 (Instructional Student Assistant Classification). 


Additional information regarding student assistant employees can be found at 



Allowable SA pay rates can be found at http://www.sfsu.edu/~finaid/newclasswork.html.


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