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As a faculty member of the College of Science & Engineering, you have a number of different sources who can assist with both pre-award proposal preparation and post-award administration.


For those faculty seeking grants, Assistant Dean for Research Uschi Simonis is your resource. She will help with finding funding sources, assist with your proposal design and preparation. You will also work with the COSE team from the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP), located in TH 434, who will ensure that your proposal meets all of the granting agency and SF State proposal requirements, and help you prepare your proposal budget. Faculty who have experience in proposal submissions can work directly with ORSP. 


Additionally, Arlene Essex works as a liaison between ORSP and PIs when needed, as a grants administrator when necessary, and can be of assistance as a general grants-related resource.


  • Help with proposal budgeting, either prior to or along with your work with ORSP pre-award proposal services specialist

  • Work with funding agencies as necessary to resolve potential problematic or sensitive issues

  • Provide logistical assistance with ORSP post-award staff to ensure timely set-up of new awards

  • Train new project directors in all post-award needs and ORSP requirements

  • Prepare or help you prepare payment transaction forms

  • Help with understanding and reconciling monthly financial reports

  • Help with understanding and reconciling monthly Procurement Card statements

  • Assist with close-out issues at the end of a budget year or final grant closure







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