Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University

CI at SFSU Hosted Award Ceremony for the 3rd Annual San Jose-Silicon Valley Chinese Star Contest for K-12 Students

To celebrate 3rd San Jose-Silicon Valley “Chinese Star” Contest for K-12 Students, Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (SF State), in association with Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE), hosted an Award Ceremony in San Jose on Saturday, November 12, 10:00am-12:00pm with over 400 participants from across Bay Area.

We invited all winners and their parents, teachers, judges, event supporters, local government officials, including distinguished guests Dr. Yenbo Wu, AVP from SF State, Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, Deputy Superintendent from SCCOE, Education Counselor Yang Jun from Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, and Kansen Chu, California State Assembly Member, 25th District.

The Organizing Committee began preparing the event in early April 2016, opened online registration in late August, and conducted contest on October 15, 2016 in six categories including brush calligraphy, pen calligraphy, painting/drawing, Chinese poetry recital, Mandarin speech, and team video projects. 530 students from 39 cities competed in five age groups, K, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12.

Organizing Committee recognized and rewarded 184 winners, including 29 first place, 40 2nd place, 43 3rd place, and 72 Honorable Mentions. The distinguished guests presented trophies, certificates and plaques to all winners and six Top Schools of Most Registered Contestants. As participating friends commended, “Chinese Star” twinkling in the sky above Silicon Valley! We congratulate all participating 530 students and especially those winners for reaching Excellence through their hardworking and wonderful performance in the competition!

We greatly appreciate Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), Education Office of Chinese Consulate in San Francisco and local government leaders for their support. Our heartfelt thanks to all judges, volunteers, news reporters, and our team members for their commitment, and efforts to make this contest another success in this high tech center - Silicon Valley.

To motivate all students to learn a second language and prepare them well for the competition in the 21st century, the Confucius Institute at SF State and SCCOE will continue collaboration in hosting “Chinese Star” Contest for in the years to come. We are sure that more students from local schools in Silicon Valley will participate in the 4th Chinese Star Contest in 2017.

Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University

旧金山州大孔院第三届圣何塞 - 硅谷地区“中文之星”比赛颁奖典礼隆重举行


圣塔克拉拉县教育局副总学监Marry Ann Dewan博士和旧金山州大孔子学院谢家新院长首先代表主办单位祝贺获奖学生并感谢中国国家汉办、孔子学院总部对中文学习的支持。中国驻旧金山总领事馆教育参赞杨军、领事曾阳,旧金山州立大学国际教育协理副校长吴彦伯、第25区加州众议员朱感生等出席致辞,并为获奖学生颁奖,孔院师生、各学区代表、大赛评委代表、获奖学生及家长400多人参加了颁奖典礼。

图片一 签到台

本届“中文之星”比赛共有来自湾区39个城市的520多名学生报名参赛。大赛共设六个项目:毛笔书法、硬笔书法、绘画比赛、普通话诗歌朗诵、普通话演讲和视频制作,从K至12年级共分5个年龄组进行角逐。 本着奖励优秀,鼓励参与的原则,共评选出184名获奖者,本届比赛充分反映了本地区学生的中文水平及对中国文化的学习热忱。

图片二 孔院院长谢家新致欢迎辞

杨军参赞代表总领馆和国家汉办高度赞扬了旧金山州立大学孔子学院与圣塔克拉拉县教育局的合作,他说“中文之星”比赛立足南湾地区,很好地为广大爱好中文、学习中文的学生搭建了一个交流展示学习成果的平台,极大地激发了学生们学习中文、了解中国文化的兴趣和热情,有力推动了湾区中文教育的发展。2015年习近平主席和奥巴马总统宣布实施“百万强”计划,到2020年学习中文的人数达到100万,看到湾区的学生有这样高涨的学习热情,他希望这个目标尽早实现。 吴彦伯副校长在致辞中介绍了孔子学院在美国的发展现状,高度评价了参赛学生的中文水平和学习中国文化的热情,希望更多学生参与到中文之星活动中来。朱感生众议员以自己来美留学时只精通中文和计算机语言的经历,勉励学生学好中文和中国文化、成为中英文双通的复合式人才。

图片三 教育局副总学监Marry Ann为绘画比赛获奖学生颁奖

“中文之星”大赛的成功举办已对两倍于旧金山市人口的圣何塞 - 硅谷地区的中文发展产生了积极影响,是旧金山州立大学孔子学院与当地学区合作的品牌项目。

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