Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University

Spring Festival Celebration by Confucius Institute at SF State

February 2, 2016. The Faculty Commons Room in SF State Library was decorated with spring couplets, Chinese knots and beautiful Chinese handcrafts. Confucius Institute at SF State hosted a grand celebration with guests from Consulate-general of P. R. China in San Francisco, Office of International Programs, Administrative Office, Chinese Program, Graduate College of Education, and Chinese Student and Scholar Association.

The ceremony started at 11:30 am with welcome address from Prof. Jiaxin Xie, director of Confucius Institute at SF State. Dr. Yenbo Wu, AVP of SF State expressed his new-year greetings to all the participants. Education Counselor Mr. Yang Jun and Education Consul Ms. Li Renzhu greeted the participants with traditional Chinese gifts for the Year of the Monkey.

The major part of the celebration was learning Chinese calligraphy with calligrapher and painter, Prof. Aiqin Zhou from UC Berkeley. Many of the participants were using writing brush for the first time and wrote their very first Chinese calligraphy with the encouragement and guidance from the CI professors.

CI at SF State also prepared traditional Chinese food for the Spring Festival Celebration. With people from both countries sitting side by side enjoying both arts and delicious food, it will definitely be another happy and prosperous new year!

Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University


2016年 2月2日,旧金山州大图书馆会议大厅一片喜气洋洋,旧金山州大孔子学院在这里举行春节庆祝活动。孔子学院师生、中国驻旧金山领事馆、州大国际事务办公室、 校行政管理办公室、中文系部分教师、教育学院部分教师、中国学生学者联谊会和部分访问学者应邀参加今天的庆祝活动。




州大国际事务副校长吴彦伯代表州大向孔子学院的师生,州大中国留学生,访问学者表示节日的祝贺,中国驻旧金山领事馆教育参展杨军、领事李韧竹分别向大家致以 节日的问候并向书画练习参与者赠送节日礼物。


“恭贺新禧”“金猴贺岁”的大红贺词喜迎来宾,四面墙上高挂的大红中国结,装点着偌大的会议厅,来自加州伯克利分校的书画家周爱琴老师挥毫为来宾书写“猴年大吉”, 遒劲的书法让来宾们赞叹不已,大家纷纷挥毫运笔,有的模仿画猴写猴,有的写自己的名字,现场充满欢快喜悦的气氛。