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2014 “Chinese Bridge”- Chinese Proficiency Competition for College/Secondary School Students Preliminary Contest in Northern California

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To promote Chinese culture, stimulate world college/secondary school students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese, and develop friendship, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) will continue to host “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for World College/Secondary School Students in 2014. The Confucius Institute at SF State will organize the preliminary contests in Northern California. The specific arrangements are as follows:
1. Hosts: Confucius Institute at SF State
2. Sponsors: Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban); Education Office of the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco
3. Time: April 19th (Saturday) 2014, 1:00pm-5:00pm
4. Place: Auditorium 133, Humanities Building of San Francisco State University
5. Contents:
    a) Chinese language proficiency: Participants should select one topic from the organizer selected topics which have been
posted at the bottom of this page and deliver a speech within 3 minutes;
    b) Knowledge of China: Participants can refer to the related questions at the bottom of this page and answer judges’ questions;
    c) Chinese cultural skills: Chinese songs, dance, folk arts, acrobatics, musical instruments, calligraphy, paintings, paper-
cutting, Chinese martial arts, and etc.
    ♦ Applicants may skip part b, part c, or both. However, only those who perform in all three parts are eligible for the top three prize winners.
6. Participants:
    a) College students: College students or postgraduates under 30 years of age, non-Chinese citizen with a foreign nationality, born and raised abroad, non-native speakers of Chinese.
    b) High school students: Current students in high schools, non-Chinese citizen with a foreign nationality, born and raised abroad, non-native speakers of Chinese.
7. Evaluation and awarding methods:
    a) The host will invite Chinese educational experts as judges to select out first, second and third place winners and three single prize winners on the competition site for each group ;
    b) All participants of the preliminary competition will be awarded certificates and prizes.
    c) The host will recommend the first winner to Education Office of Chinese Consulate in San Francisco and Hanban for 13th Final Competition for college students and 7th Final Competition for secondary school students in China. Hanban will cover their round-trip international airfare, accommodations and transportation in China for the competition.
8. Please download the Registration Form and get relevant information at:
9. The registration deadline: April 6th (Sunday), 2014.
    Please fill out the Registration Form and Email, Fax or Mail it to the following address before the deadline:
    Confucius Institute at SF State, 1600 Holloway Avenue, Burk Hall 325, San Francisco, CA 94132
10. Contact Information
    Zhenglong Xu, Program Coordinator
    Confucius Institute at SF State
    Tel: (415)338-7631 / (415)338-7624 / Fax: (415)405-2866 / Email:

1. Chinese version-中文介绍
2. Questions - Knowledge about China and Topics for Speech Contest
3. Topics for Speech Contest
4. Registration Form