Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University
5th Summer Institute for Chinese Language Teachers (2014)
第五届暑期中文教师培训班( 2014)

Qualification and Capabilities for Chinese Language Teachers: Education & Training for a Qualified Teacher


San Francisco, California /June 15th, 2014 ~ June 21st, 2014

About the Institute
2014 Summer Institute for Chinese Language Teachers is a seven-day extensive training program designed to meet all Chinese language educators’ needs in enhancing their knowledge about Chinese language and culture and improving their teaching capabilities. The trainers will make special presentations from their perspectives, sharing their understanding of TCSL/TCFL, hands-on experience, and teaching resources. We hope 2014 Summer Institute will help local schools in Northern California improve the quality of Chinese language teaching and prepare sufficient qualified teachers for today and tomorrow. A certificate of completion will be issued to each trainee upon successful completion of the whole training program.

Institute Faculty and Expertise
    1. Professors from Beijing Normal University
    2. Senior and experienced local Chinese language teacher trainer
    3. Professors from Confucius Institute at SF State
    1. Chinese language teachers at K-12 schools
    2. Chinese language teachers at weekend/evening schools
    3. All individuals who want to teach Chinese in the U.S.
Photos and Recordings
The host will use photos or recordings for the purpose of promoting Chinese language and cultural programs and other non-commercial activities.

Institute Curriculum
The Institute curriculum is designed to help trainees advance their knowledge about the Chinese language and capabilities for 
qualified teachers while engaging with professional trainers and with trainees similarly committed to building students’ learning 
capabilities. Institute sessions will be based upon the expected needs of the trainees, the expertise of the Institute faculty, and 
Confucius Institute at SF State’s long standing work in advancing local Chinese language teachers’ quality. While topics 
will be refined to reflect real situation, classroom activities and teaching skills appropriate in all schools in North America.
 The Institute schedule will include the following components.

An opening ceremony will kick off the Institute with an introduction to the curriculum and welcome remarks by the host and the 
sponsor, creating parallel integrative structures needed to support local teachers and future teachers and ensure that all students
learn the language effectively.

Four Themes
    Theme 1
: Teaching-oriented lectures on common knowledge of Chinese language
    This theme will explore outcomes of integrative teaching of common knowledge about Chinese phonetics and grammar, 
    and present appropriate methods through case studies.
    Theme 2: Teaching Pedagogies and Classroom Activities
    This theme will focus on pedagogical strategies that foster integrative learning and improve learners’ language proficiency, 
    and demonstrate useful classroom activities.
    Theme 3: Teaching Plan and Capability Improvement
    This theme will focus on the connections between assessment and the improvement of learning, with particular emphasis on 
    teaching plan, classroom management, and assessment, sharing hands-on experiences in teaching Chinese in North America. 
    Theme 4: Demonstration and Evaluation
    This theme will focus on trainees’ teaching skills through their mini lesson demo followed by a group discussion and trainers’
 evaluation, ensuring their performance as qualified teachers after this Summer Institute. 

A closing ceremony as a wrap-up of the Institute, Confucius Institute at SF State will make a brief report on the  outcomes of the integrated  training curriculum, present official Training Certification by Hanban, and announce the action plan for the Summer Institute in 2015.

Institute Schedule

Registration Fee:
    1. Early Bird (on or before May 15, 2013): $150
    2. After May 15: $180
    3. Student: $50 (Proof of enrollment is required.)
    4. Group registration fee: $100/each (3 or more participants from the same school)
    5. Non-refundable after the first class on June 15, 2014

Please complete and submit the Registration Form with registration fee (a check payable to: CI at SF State) by mail or in person to:
    Confucius Institute at SF State
    1600 Holloway Ave., Burk Hall 325
    San Francisco, CA 94132
    Tel: (415)338-7631 / (415)338-7624
    Fax: (415)405-2868

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