Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University
2011 Spring New YCT Exam

In order to promote Chinese language in Northern California, set standard for Chinese language learning and help Chinese teachers in Bay Area to access proficiency level of their students, Confucius Institute at SF State will hold the NEW YCT (Youth Chinese Test) again at Washington High School, Fremont on March 13, 2011.

With two years successful experience in holding the New YCT exam, Confucius Institute carries will hold the New YCT exam twice, one on March 13, 2011 and the other on November 13, 2011.

About Our Test Center

For detailed Information about our Test center, YCT and HSK exams, please visit:

About this spring New YCT exam:

· This spring New YCT exam include 4 levels, which are level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4.

· Place : 38442 Fremont Boulevard Fremont, CA (Washington High School)

· Time: The test will start at 11:00 am on March 13, 2011, Sunday.

Level 1 35 min
Level 2 50 min
Level 3 60 min
Level 4 80 min

· Test registration fee:

Level 1 $10
Level 2 $15
Level 3 $20
Level 4 $25

Registration process:

· If you study at Yellow River Chinese School, please contact with your instructor about detailed information regarding registration process and payment method.

· If you are living in Northern California Area and interested in taking this New YCT exam, you can register on line, please read the instruction of on line registration below.

Online registration procedure:

· Please log on: to sign up an account and register for the exam you plan to take before February 15. After your registration on line, you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

· Make the payment to Confucius Institute at SF State before February 19. We only accept personal check or cash. Please bring your check or cash along with your registration information (after your register on line, find your registration information on line and print it out) to our office. Or if you desire you can also mail your check (cash is not allowed appear in mail according to Federal law) and your registration information to our office. The address of Confucius Institute is : Burk Hall 325 SFSU, 1600 Holloway Ave. San Francisco CA 94132

· After you pay the registration fee, you will receive a letter confirming your successful registration for the test on around March 2.

· If there is any question regarding online registration procedures, you can always contact with our office. (415-338-7631)

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