Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University
2011 "Chinese Bridge" Summer Camp in China for
U.S. High School Students

 Download: Student Application Form (pdf, 229KB)
 Download: Teacher Application Form (pdf, 172KB)

1.Mission Statement

To promote exchange between the youth of the US and China, and help participants have a better understanding of the Chinese language and culture, thus to stimulate their interest in learning Chinese.


July 15 (Friday) - July 30 (Sunday)


55 participants from the SF Bay Area (including 50 students and 5 teachers, T:S ratio: 1: 10, to be approved by Hanban)

4.Organizer & Sponsor

Organizer: Confucius Institute at SF State
Sponsor: Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban

5.General Itinerary

Date Agenda
07/15 Depart San Francisco
07/16 Arrive in Beijing and then flight to one of Hanban selected province or city
07/17 ~ 07/26 Chinese Language and Culture activities in one of Hanban selected province or city
07/27 Back to Beijing
07/28 ~ 07/30 Attend closing ceremony and take a tour in Beijing
07/31 Depart Beijing for San Francisco

6.Arrangement of Activities

During the program, students will study Chinese language and culture (Paper-cut, calligraphy, brush painting, tea ceremony, martial arts, and etc.) in traditional classrooms, and participate in various sports and cultural activities (friendship basketball match, international students get-together, and exchanges with host family, etc.); they will also visit various historic, cultural, and scenic spots.

7.Qualifications to Apply

A. Student applicants

(1)  Currently enrolled in credited public/private high schools.
(2)  U.S. Citizenship.
(3)  Without any Chinese learning background or learning Chinese for less than 3 years
(including all Chinese beginners and students in Chinese I, II & III).
(4)  With excellent academic record, and be interested in Chinese language and culture.
(5)  Physically capable of international traveling.
(6)  Apply for this summer camp for the first time.
B. Group teacher applicants
(1)  K-12 teaching experiences, Chinese Language teachers preferred.
(2)  Experiences in student management, study abroad program experience preferred.
(3)  Previous experience of living/staying in China (not traveling) and understanding of
China today.
(4)  Affection for teaching: initiative and independent judgement.
(5)  Ability to interact professionally with students; excellent organizational skills.
(6)  Physically capable of international traveling.
Group teachers are expected to fulfill the following duties:
(1)  Help Confucius Institute with pre-departure orientation.
(2)  Escort students to all courses and activities; Take the same airplanes with
students, going to China and returning to SF
(3)  Coordinate with Hanban and host schools to supervise the safety and security of
students, taking primary management responsibilities.
(4)  Take care of students; help students physically and psychologically adapt to the
new environment. Provide guidance to student behavior.
(5)  In case of emergency, such as student illness or loss of passport, keep close
contact with Confucius Institute, Hanban, and host school staff, as well as
accompany the students for medical treatment and so on.
(6)  After summer camp, collect the feedbacks towards the program from attended

students. Submit a summary report and recommendations for improvement to
Confucius Institute and Hanban.


A. Student applicants should submit their application materials to Confucius Institute at SF State before March 30, 2011, including

(1)  Application Form
(2)  Two passport photos
(3)  A personal application statement
(4)  A recommendation letter from your school principal or teacher
(5)  A non-refundable application fee of $200 (if approved) payable to: CI at SF State.
B. Teacher applicants should submit their application materials to Confucius Institute at SF State before March 30, 2011, including
(1)  Application Form
(2)  Resume
(3)  A recommendation letter from your school principal
(4)  Two passport photos

9.Program Cost

(1)  Students are responsible for their round-trip international airfare, international travel
insurance, and visa fees.
(2)  Teachers are responsible for their international travel insurance and visa fees.
(3)  Hanban will cover in-China expenses including room and board, transportation, group
activities and sightseeing.

10.Visa Application (for Students & Teachers)

If you want us to apply for visa on behalf of you, please submit (1) a completed Chinese Visa Application Form, (2) passport, and (3) $160 visa and handling fee ($ 140 Cashier's Check payable to: Chinese Consulate; $20 Personal Check payable to: CI at SF State) before June 1, 2011. Your passport with visa will be returned to you on orientation day. Or you can pick it up at our office during our office hour (8:30AM- 5:00PM, M-F).

11. International Airplane Tickets

If you would like to buy group tickets, you must complete and turn in all required application materials before March 30, 2011. We have blocked SFO-Beijing round -trip group tickets at $1,620 (estimated) for the summer camp participates. Please see the flight scheduls below:

Departure Arrival Note
July 15, Fri. CA986 2:50pm
Depart SF
July 16, Sat. 5:55pm
Arrive in Beijing
(Hanban will provide
whole-day airport pick-up)
July 31, Sun. CA985 4:00pm
Depart Beijing
July 31, Thu. 12:40pm
Arrive in SF

12. Contact Information

Ms. Yaqi Liu, Program Coordinator
Tel: (415)338-7631

All the required application documents must be turned in to
Confucius Institute at SF State office before March 30, 2011.
If by mailing, please mail these items together as a package to us at:
Confucius Institute at SF State
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave., Burk Hall 325
San Francisco, CA 94132