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Workshop on Teaching the
AP Chinese Language & Culture Course

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How to effectively teach the AP Chinese Language and Culture course is one of interested and important topics among Chinese language teachers, who are planning and implementing a course that focuses on language proficiency while interweaving level- and age appropriate cultural content throughout the course and providing for frequent formative assessment of students’ developing proficiencies within the context of their learning.

The AP Chinese is designed to be comparable to forth semester college courses in Mandarin Chinese. We present this workshop for all teachers who are interested in teaching the AP Chinese. The presenters are senior teachers who will demonstrate their teaching strategies, procedures, and methods in training and preparing their students. We hope that their expertise and experiences will benefit all participants.

Presenter:  Xiaolin Chang, Lowell High School

Xiaolin Chang (常小林) grew up in Beijing, China. She received her bachelor’s degree in English language in Beijing and a master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and Chinese teaching credential from University of San Francisco. Currently she is teaching AP Chinese at Lowell High School in San Francisco. She has been teaching for 26 years as English, ESL and Chinese teacher in Beijing and San Francisco. In the professional development field, she has received extensive training in second language acquisition theory, methodology, assessment (COCI). She was in the committee of the Chinese section for the National Standards of Foreign Language Learning for K-12. Her professional experiences in AP Chinese Development include being a member of the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam Development Committee, Professional Development Advisory Group, co-author of Pre AP Summer Institute manual and one of the syllabi contributors to the AP Chinese Teacher’s Guide. She serves as a College Board AP Chinese workshop consultant.

2010 AP Exam & Teaching Strategies

The presenter will evaluate the free response of this year's AP exam. By examining the strong points and weakness of the exam results, teachers can focus on strategies which will help students perform better in the AP exam. She will share some of her teaching strategies based on the three mode communication skills with fellow teachers.

报告人将会评估今年考生们在AP 中文考试的问答题中的表现, 并以其为前车之鉴,探讨如何帮助学生在未来的考试中有更好的发挥;报告人也会同老师们分享在教学中如何帮助学生提高交流技能的一些方法。

Presenter:  Paul Jia, Cupertino High School

Paul Jia (贾宝才) is a high school Chinese teacher at Cupertino High School and a Chinese instructor at UC Berkeley Extension. He is currently a Board Member and Secretary of the Chinese Language Association of Second-Elementary Schools, CLASS. He is on the SAT Chinese Language Subject Test Development Committee with the College Board. He is one of the participating authors of the textbook series, Chinese for Middle School Students and Chinese for High School Students (forthcoming 2010). He is also one of the instructors at the Bay Area Foreign Language Program, BAFLP, at Stanford University.

Effectively Plan and Implement
AP Chinese Instruction through Thematic Units

Presenter will introduce and explain how to effectively plan and implement AP Chinese instruction through thematic unit planning at each stage of instruction that follows the National Foreign Language Standards and specific requirements for AP Chinese curriculum with examples from real classroom practice. The goal is to set the clear and correct direction towards the AP Chinese requirements for all students from the first day of instruction. With this general principle in design of instruction, the presenter will further explain how a teacher can best help and prepare the students specifically for the AP Chinese exam during the final stage of their learning in our Chinese program.

报告人将以实例介绍并解释如何以主题教学的思路,在不同的教学阶段,遵循外语教学标准和AP中文的特定要求设计和实施中文教学计划, 以达到帮助学生从开始学习中文的第一天起就朝着AP中文所要求的方向迈出第一步。在整体教学设计的基础上,报告人将进一步介绍并解释学生进入最后一年的学习并在准备AP考试的过程中,教师在指导学生方面应该注意的一些事项。

Time: Sunday, September 19, 1:00pm-4:30pm
Place: San Francisco State University
Humanities Building #108
1600 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132
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3)  Registration Deadline: Sept. 13, 2010
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All Chinese language teachers are welcome to attend this free event!