2009 Summer Chinese Language Program At
Beijing Normal University

June 28 – August 4, 2009


1. The Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University (CISFSU)

San Francisco State University is the first home for the Confucius Institute in the Western United States . The mission of CISFSU is to promote understanding of the Chinese language and culture through facilitating instruction. CISFSU was established in 2005 in rsponse to the increasing need for learning Chinese in the United States . CISFSU cooperates with the Colleges of Humanities, Education, and Extended Learning to offer Chinese language and culture courses to learners at all levels, provide training workshops for Chinese language teachers, and sponsor summer camps for high school and college students, develop teaching materials and curriculum, and promote educational exchange, research, and cooperation between the United States and the People's Republic of China. CISFSU will cooperate with its partner institution in China-Beijing Normal University , to host the 2009 Summer Chinese Language Program in Beijing for American college students, young professionals, and high school seniors. Participants will have four weeks of intensive Chinese language study on campus followed by a 12-day tour to some of China 's most important historic and scenic spots. Enroll in our program and you will enjoy learning the Chinese language, increase your knowledge and love for Chinese culture and gain a better understanding of China today.

2. Beijing Normal University (BNU)

Founded in 1902, Beijing Normal University (BNU) is one of China 's earliest-established universities. BNU, one of the key universities in China , has a large student body including over 8,000 undergraduates, over 8,000 graduate students, over 10,000 undergraduate and diploma students in adult education, and more than 1,500 long-term international students. BNU began to accept international students in 1965. Over the years, BNU has accumulated rich experience with the Chinese language program and major-related courses for international students. As an important gateway to the world for BNU, the College of Chinese Language & Culture (CCLC) is one of the best Chinese language teaching institutions in China , admitting more than 2,000 international students from over 60 countries every year. It is staffed by more than 60 highly qualified teachers including many prominent professors and associate professors in teaching Chinese as a second language. CCLC has a well-structured placement system. New students will take placement exams that help assign them to classes of different levels according to their Chinese proficiency. Two language skill courses will be offered to our students: Chinese Reading & Writing, and Chinese Listening & Speaking. Extracurricular cultural courses such as Chinese Calligraphy, Brush Painting, and Tai Chi will all be available.

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The 2009 Summer Chinese Language Program in Beijing

1. Study-Travel Program Overview

The 2009 Summer Chinese Language Program at Beijing Normal University provides participants with a unique opportunity to study the Chinese language and culture at one of the top universities in China . The Program combines an intensive four-week language studies at all levels of Chinese (June 29-July 24) with a 12-day culture tour (July 24-August 4).

2. Curriculum
June 29 – July 24, 2009

The curriculum includes two integrated courses: Chinese Reading & Writing, and Chinese Listening & Speaking. These courses will be taught by faculty from Beijing Normal University . Students will be evaluated by the faculty from CCLC and placed in appropriate level classes according to their language proficiency. The classes in Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese will meet for four hours (8:00am-12:00pm), Monday through Friday with 12-15 students in each class, 20 hours of class each week for four weeks for a total of 80 hours of classroom instruction. Students will take a final exam at the end of four weeks and will be awarded a certificate with an official transcript. Most universities in the United States will recognize the certificate issued by Beijing Normal University at the conclusion of the program to all students who pass their final exam. Check with the Study Abroad department in your school for specific requirements. To maximize the unique language opportunity in Beijing , each student is assigned a language partner. Curriculum books and materials will include a series of textbooks for international students (by Beijing Normal University Press).

3. Eletive Courses and Excursions

Several elective courses on Chinese culture will be offered: Chinese Calligraphy (7 times, Monday/Wednesday 1:30pm-3:30pm) , Brush Painting (7 times, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30pm-3:30pm) , and Tai Chi (10 times, Monday through Friday 6:30am-7:00am) , are available for all students who want to supplement their language studies with classes on these aspects of Chinese culture. These optional courses are not included in the program fee.

Weekend excursions in Beijing will be arranged for students to visit the most important cultural and historical attractions, including the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven , Beijing Hutong, Bird's Nest-National Stadium, Water Cube-National Swimming Center , Hongqiao Market, and Panjiayuan Arts Market. Attendance at stage performances, such as Peking Opera , Chinese Acrobatics , and Kung Fu Legend , will be scheduled.

4. Accommodations at Beijing Normal University

Students will live in the international student dormitory on BNU campus. Two students will share a standard room with single beds, desks, chairs, bookshelves, telephone, TV, safe, refrigerator, central controlled air-conditioning, high-speed internet (100 yuan/month), private bathroom (24-hour hot water), and room cleaning services. Public facilities include a self-service laundry, photocopier, fax, telephones for domestic and international long distance calls, and a shared kitchen in the dorm complex. Students will be given a meal stipend during the study program. Students may have their meals at all campus dining rooms, cafeterias or local restaurants.

5. Travel
July 24 – August 4

After four weeks of study on campus, you will begin a 12-day tour escorted by your Chinese professors and local guides. Practice your new Chinese language skills while traveling with your friends. Sites and stops include Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Suzhou, and Shanghai.

6. Program Cost $3,980.00

The comprehensive cost for the 2009 Summer Chinese Language Program at Beijing Normal University is USD$3,980. The cost includes expenses incurred in China for local program-related transfers, living accommodations, registration, orientation, tuition, textbooks, banquets, meal stipend, BNU student ID, pre-arranged entertainment, weekend excursions, and expenses for the 12-day tour (transportation, hotels and meals). The cost does not cover international airfare, visa fee, elective courses, personal and baggage insurance, tips, excess baggage fees, laundry, postage, communication, or other expenses incurred by individuals.

7. Cancellations and Refund Policy

CISFSU reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to its departure for any reason. In this case, CI SFSU will refund any deposits and/or payments without obligation.

In the event of cancellation by the applicant after confirmation of application, DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRASFERABLE. All cancellations must be made in writing and will be effective upon receipt by CISFSU. Refunds will be made according to the following schedule :

If cancellation is made: Refund will be:
On or before May 15 Program cost less $500
On or before May 25 75% of program cost
On or before June 10 50% of program cost
After June 10 NO REFUND

No refund will be given to participants who break from the planned itinerary. No refund will be given to participants who are unable to travel with the tour due to failure to obtain valid travel documents.

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1. Application for The 2009 Summer Chinese Language Program at BNU

Applicants can download an Application Form at www.sfsu.edu/~ci or request one by mail/email/ phone. Completed applications must be received in the mail with a $60 non-refundable Application Fee payable to "CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE-SFSU". The application deadline is April 20, 2009. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required once your application has been reviewed and you have been admitted to the program. This deposit will be credited against the total cost of the program. The balance is due by April 20, 2009. Please do not delay in making your decision because space in this program is filled up rapidly and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following application information is required:

  • A completed Beijing Normal University Application Form.
  • A $60 application fee check payable to: "Confucius Institute-SFSU".
  • A personal statement on why you are applying for this program and what you hope to learn.
  • A copy of your official transcript indicating your current education level.
  • Six passport photos (Photos printed on regular paper are not acceptable).

Follow the application instructions carefully, and mail the completed application to:
Confucius Institute at SF State
San Francisco State University
Burk Hall 325
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

Instructions for filling out the Beijing Normal University Application Form
Please enter the following information on the form that corresponds to the numbers listed below:
13. From June 27, 2009 to August 4, 2009, Total 6 weeks.
14. Your contact information in the United States.
15. If you do not have a HSK certificate, you need to indicate how long you have learned Chinese.
18. Your signature and date.
19. Your guarantor's signature and date.

2. VISA Application

The program comprehensive fee does not include a visa. You must enter China with a student visa, which enables you to study at Beijing Normal University for four weeks and 12 days of travel in China as an international student. Your passport should be valid for at least six months after the end of the program. Qualified applicants will receive an admission package, including a BNU Admission Letter, 202 Form, and a cover letter from CISFSU, for you to apply for your student visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General of the People's Republic of China close to your school. If you would like CISFSU to help you obtain your visa, please send a completed Chinese Visa Application Form, passport, one recent passport style color photo (full face, front view, no hat, and against a plain light background) with $150 visa and handling fee payable to "Confucius Institute-SFSU" before April 20, 2009. Your passport with visa will be returned to you by certified mail.

Instructions for filling out the Chinese Visa Application Form
Please enter the following information on the form that corresponds to the numbers listed below:
1.14. Student
2.1. Study
2.2. Single entry valid for 3 months
2.3. June 28, 2009
2.4. 42 days
2.5. Beijing, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Suzhou, and Shanghai
4.7. Beijing Normal University, Office of International Exchange & Cooperation
4.8. 86-10-58800325
4.9. 19 Xinjiekou Wai Street, Beijing, China
7. Your signature and date.

3. Responsibilities of All Parties

(1) CISFSU acts only in the capacity of an agent for participants for transportation, sightseeing and hotel accommodations. All coupons, receipts and tickets issued by CISFSU are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the suppliers. CISFSU should be exempt from any liability for loss or damage to property, injury of persons, accidents, delays, irregularities or other occurrences beyond its control, nor will it be responsible for any loss if the tour itinerary or means and timing of transportation must be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

(2) Current U.S. health insurance coverage is required of all participants. The participants are responsible to check with their health insurer regarding international coverage. The participants must prepay for their medical care and medicine in China and file a claim with their insurance company for reimbursement when they return to the United States .

(3) Prices are subject to change. CISFSU reserves the right to adjust the listed price at any time should there be an inflation in the exchange rates of Chinese RMB and U.S. dollars or any increase in the cost of any portion of the program.

(4) Should weather or other unforeseen circumstances cause delays before the departure date,CISFSU reserves the right to postpone or cancel the program and any loss or additional expenses incurred shall be borne by the participants.

(5) During the program, should there be any unexpected delays in the original itinerary due to political reasons, weather conditions, and / or other reasons beyond the control of the sponsors, Beijing Normal University which will conduct the program, reserves the right to alter the itinerary as necessary. Any additional expenses incurred shall be charged to the participants.

(6) Participants must strictly abide by the laws and regulations, promulgated by the Chinese government as well as their immigration and custom offices. CISFSU will be exempt from any responsibility for penalties arising from violations of the laws and regulations on the part of the participants.

(7) Any and all complaints must be submitted within 14 days of the conclusion of the program for timely investigation. Complaints submitted after 14 days will not be valid.

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Contact Information

For further information about the summer program, please contact:
Confucius Institute at SF State
Burk Hall 325
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132
Tel: (415)338-7631
Fax: (415)405-2866
E-mail: cisfsu@sfsu.edu

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