Confucius Institute at SF State
Lecture: Calligraphy Vision on Chinese Language Development
Demo: How to Practice Chinese Brush Calligraphy

Presenter: Mr. Ma Weihua (马魏华) China Social & Culture Development Foundation

Mr. Ma Weihua, a well-known Chinese calligrapher in China, started to practice traditional Chinese calligraphy at the age of ten and has never stopped exploring the finest arts effectiveness. His calligraphy arts have been presented on different materials in different ways from paper to wood, carving on bamboo, wood, and china, and plus steal stone carving. Mr. Ma participated in national and international artist events and won a lot of prizes such as “World Well Known Artist” in China, “National Reward of France”, “Special Art Reward” of French Artist Association. Just name a few. Keeping calligraphy practice for 40 years, Mr. Ma has tried all the styles in different period of time and moved forward with the development of Chinese characters. In the recent years, Mr. Ma has focused on interactive relations between calligraphy styles and Chinese character development, and the combination of arts form and the Chinese language

Time: Sunday, April 5 10:00am-12:00pm
Place: Humanities Building #133
Format: Lecture and Demonstration (in Chinese)
Sponsor: Confucius Institute at SF State
Admission: Free
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