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CHIN 9006: Survival Mandarin for Business & Travel (2 CEU)
Description: Basic vocabulary/patterns useful in business and travel situations: meeting/greeting, hotel services, asking directions, transportation, restaurants, economics and business terminology, negotiations and conferences, transactions, etc. Designed for students with no previous knowledge of Chinese. The focus in this course will be on the basic skills of listening comprehension and speaking. Although a small number of written characters will be introduced, primarily those in common use on street signs or in menus, reading and writing will otherwise not be stressed. Preliminary explanation of the pinyin transliteration system and pronunciation practice will not only underlie instruction of course materials, but will also enable students to utilize Mandarin phrase handbooks correctly, thereby expanding their capabilities. Class sessions will focus on selected communicative situations, and students will be encouraged to actively participate in both teacher-led activities and small group work. This course also stresses the importance of learning about culture through language.
Course #: CHIN 9006
Section: Z01
Schedule #: 29059
Instructor: Quan Yang
Seats Available: (schedule number #29059)
  • Weekend Class
  • 8 meeting(s)
  • Sat Feb. 07, 2009 - Mar. 28, 2009, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • SF State Downtown Campus, 835 Market St., San Francisco
  • $150
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