CARP - Campus Academic Resource Program

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Program Overview

As a component of the Division of Undergraduate Studies Tutoring Services, the Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP) has been providing tutorial and academic support services for the student population of San Francisco State University (SF State) since 1998. CARP provides these services primarily for undergraduate students, placing a special emphasis on those who are underrepresented, first generation college students, and those impacted by Executive Order 665..

In order to address the demands and schedules of students, CARP has filled an important void in the spectrum of academic support services provided by the university. CARP is the only evening academic support program on campus open to all SF State students. By offering evening tutorial hours, CARP staff members have been able to help students who have commitments during the day and can only receive tutoring in the evening. Additionally, CARP is also the only academic support program that provides services for students enrolled during the summer sessions.


CARP’s tutors direct both one-on-one and group tutorial sessions to accommodate students’ individual learning needs and styles. CARP also offers in-class, study skills, and peer response workshops. In addition, CARP collaborates with a variety of SF State programs and departments, particularly the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) courses, to provide services for a wide range of students. These additional services include, but are not limited to, the GWAR Writing Fellowship Program and supplementary academic support handouts.


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