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GWAR Writing Fellowship Program

CARP’s GWAR Writing Fellowship Program places a CARP Writing, Reading, and Study Skills (WRSS) Tutor in a GWAR course, at the request of a professor, to provide writing assistance to students in the course. The Writing Fellow participates in class discussions in relation to composition. Additonally, the Writing Fellow takes notes on class material, discussions, and lectures, including notes on important aspects of content and conventions of writing in the specific discipline. The Writing Fellow tracks their notes in a GWAR Writing Fellowship Log, which is read by all WRSS Tutors in order to stay well-versed on the assignments and expectations of the course. When students enrolled in the course seek tutorial support at CARP, all WRSS Tutors will be fully informed of the courses assignments and the professor’s expectations.

CARP has placed Writing Fellows in a variety of GWAR courses in several different disciplines. These courses include History 300, Business 300, Hospitality and Tourism Management 531, Women and Gender Studies 300, and International Relations 309.

If you are interested in potentially having a Writing Fellow placed in your GWAR course, please fill out the inquiry form below.

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"[The Writing Fellow] made a difference in the way students thought about their writing and about getting assistance to improve their writing skills. Many of them developed more positive attitudes towards working on their writing and getting help to do so."

Professor of History 300

"I can't possibly say enough positive things about [the Writing Fellow’s] performance and helpfulness this semester, her advice, enthusiasm, and desire to help students improve their writing."

Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management 531

"It's been great! As I told [the Writing Fellow] and my students, I could tell in the 2nd drafts which students had visited [the Writing Fellow]. Those students tended to have much better developed and stronger claim statements."

Professor of Women and Gender Studies 300

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