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Financial Aid Disbursement Information

Summer 2012

Financial Aid Disbursement- Procedures for Returned, Cancelled, or Lost Checks


Returned Checks:  If the U.S. Postal Service returns a Financial Aid check, the Bursar’s Office will attempt to notify the student by telephone and/or email to pick up the check at the Bursar's Office in ADM 155, Window F. If all methods of contact have been exhausted and the check has not been claimed within fifteen (15) days, it will be cancelled.


Check Disbursement Older Than 180 Days (6 Months): University Financial Aid checks are only negotiable for 180 days after the date of issuance. If you want the Financial Aid disbursement, you must cash the check within the 180 days period. If not, the Financial Aid disbursement will be cancelled as unused aid and returned to the funding source. Cancelled aid may be reclaimed only if the Office of Financial Aid is still disbursing that year’s Financial Aid funds.

Cancelled Checks: When a Financial Aid recipient wishes to reinstate a cancelled check, they must speak to a Financial Aid counselor. Counselors are available in the Financial Aid Office at (SSB) or they may be contacted at (415) 338-7000.


Lost Checks: If students lose, destroy, or do not receive their checks within ten (10) business days of the disbursement mailing, the student may request a "Stop Payment." A "Stop Payment" on a check must be initiated by the student in person at the Bursar’s Office at ADM 155 or SSB 103. It takes approximately 2 - 3 weeks for a replacement check. Beginning January 3, 2006, students will be assessed a $20 administrative fee for the replacement of a lost check (see Check Replacement /ACH Reject Fee Policy). Students applying for a Short-Term Loan must provide a copy of the stop payment form. To apply for a Short-Term Loan go to ADM 358.





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