World Development Studies

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dean: Joel Kassiola

World Development Studies Program
HSS 336
Director: Raymond Miller


Professors—Hymans, Miller, Moss, Yansane

Associate Professors—Banerjee, Barbosa, Caulfield, Keith, King, Oņate, Shastri

Assistant Professors—Foschi, Quesada


Minor in World Development Studies

Program Scope

The field of world development studies looks at the comprehensive transformations that have been brought to human societies across the globe by the spread of the industrial revolution. Approximately one-third of the world's population enjoys a higher material standard of living due to industrialization, whereas two-thirds are in relative poverty. The likelihood, means, and consequences of closing this gap provide the central foci of world development studies. Since this social transformation affects all aspects of human existence, all of the social science disciplines devote important efforts to understanding it.

Issues Central to World Development Studies. How did the world distribution of income and wealth become so unequal, and will or must it stay that way?

Career Outlook

Though the minor is not intended as a complete career preparation, it certainly serves as an introduction to a growing career field. There are tens of thousands of development professionals working for governments, the United Nations and its affiliated agencies, a multitude of non-governmental organizations, development banks, universities, and private companies around the world. The minor enables the student to discover a major field of employment as well as scholarly activity.


All choices must be approved by a faculty adviser, who should be contacted as soon as a student decides to take the minor. Courses with at least three different departmental home-based prefixes must be included in each student's program.

Online course descriptions are available.

Historical Background Units
One course from the following 3
BL S 302 Black Diaspora
ECON 402 Economic History of Europe
IR 392 Asia in Transition
HIST 400 Modern European Imperialism
  LARA/SS 501
Latin America: The National Period
SS/IR/PLSI 520 Modernization and Third World Countries
The Global Development Era: Theory and Practice
One course from the following 3-4
ECON 620 Economic Development
HIST 312 Capitalist Hegemony and Third World Resistance
IR/SS 540 The Rich and the Poor Nations (4)
PLSI 415 Democracy in the Third World (4)
SOC 471 Societal Change and Development
Development and the Environment
One course from the following 3-4
ECON 550 Economics of Energy and the Environment
GEOG 402 The Climatic Challenge
GEOG 427 Agriculture and Food Supply
IR 331 Global Environmental Crisis (4)
SOC 483 Global Sociology (4)
SOC 484 Population and Social Dynamics (4)
SS/IR 560 Energy in Global Perspective
Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Perspectives
One course from the following 3-4
ANTH 321 Endangered Cultures
ANTH 446 Peasants in Contemporary Perspective
BL S 335 Black Woman: A Cultural Analysis
IR 305 Minorities in World Politics (4)
LARA 410 La Raza Women
PLSI 414 Ethnic Politics in a Comparative Perspective (4)
SS/IR 544 Women in the World (4)
SOC 461 Ethnic Relations: International Comparisons (4)
WOMS 531 Women and International Development
Regional Comparisons
Two courses on two different regions from the following 6-8
ANTH 315 Peoples and Cultures of Central America
ANTH 315 Peoples and Cultures of the Far East
BL S 301 Africa in Global Perspective
ECON 611 Socialist Economic Systems
GEOG 570 Regional Studies: Latin America
GEOG 570 Regional Studies: Africa
GEOG 570 Regional Studies: Far East
HIST 318 Japan and China: Comparative Modern Development
HIST 520 Central America and the Caribbean
HIST 603 History of the Middle East
HIST 611 Modern Africa
IR/PLSI 321 Development and Foreign Policy—Africa (4)
IR/PLSI 322 Latin American Policy Analysis (4)
IR 324 Middle East: Heartland (4)
IR/SS 393/GEOG 574 Contemporary Asia
LARA 460 Central Americans of the United States: History and Heritage
PLSI 412 South Asian Politics (4)
PLSI 416 Comparative Ethnic Politics
SS/HIST 550 Social Change in Modern Latin America
One course on advisement from the following, or from any of the courses in the above categories not chosen to fulfill a requirement within a student's individual curriculum 3-4
ANTH 320 Racism: Cross-cultural Analysis
ANTH 560 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 585 Multinational Corporations and World Cultures
ART 508 African Art History
ECON 600 International Economics
GEOG 425 Economic Geography
H ED 370 Current Health Issues: World Health Problems
HIST 524 History of Mexico
HIST 528 History of Brazil
HIST 571 History of Modern China
HIST 578 History of Japan
IR 305 International Debt Crisis (4)
IR 305 World Economic Crisis (4)
IR/PLSI 325 Chinese Foreign Policy: Domestic and Foreign (4)
IR 326 South and Southeast Asia Foreign Relations (4)
IR 334 International Organizations: New World Order (4)
IR 446 The Multinational Corporation in World Affairs (4)
LARA 376 History of La Raza in the United States
PLSI 406 Central American Politics (4)
PLSI 413 Comparative Communism (4)
PSY 455 Cross-cultural Perspectives in Psychology
SS 510 Socio-cultural Change: An Inter-disciplinary Analysis
CINE 308 Third World Cinema
HUM 515 Styles of African Cultural Expression
HUM 520 North and South American Cultural Expression
HUM 540 Styles of Chinese Cultural Expression
IBUS 591 Doing Business in Latin America
IBUS 592 Doing Business in China
MGMT 681 Seminar in Comparative Management
NEXA 327 Business and Culture
NEXA 392 Culture and Technology
PHIL 395 Philosophy of Technology
Holistic Perspective: Special Study
A one-unit special study from the student's adviser's home department (ANTH 699, ECON 699, etc.) 1
Total for minor 22-28

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