Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts

College of Creative Arts
Dean: Keith Morrison

Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts Program
CA 362
Director: Sharon Girard


Professors--Cayou, Duke, Girard, Kemnitzer, McGee


Minor in Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts

Program Scope

The Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts Minor provides educational resources for those students interested in understanding global music and culture for varying careers or for personal enrichment. The subject is interdisciplinary and includes musical, artistic, cultural, historical, geographical, political, humanistic, and social aspects organized into a cohesive program. Students will be introduced to a variety of perspectives within the disciplines of music, dance, ethnic studies, anthropology, as well as to a synthesis of knowledge drawn from other relevant disciplines.

The minor provides students with the background to apply Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts to knowledge acquired in any major program. Skills in understanding culturally diverse expressions of global musical arts increase the graduate's career opportunities in a variety of ways. Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts offers an educational base for those students interested in teaching, media, theatre, literature, business, travel industries, health professions, bilingual studies, social and cultural programming, research, graduate study and understanding of global musical perspectives. Creativity is a central focus of the minor.

The Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts Minor has the following general objectives:

The minor program is enhanced by an academically substantive and attractive series of co-curricular activities including non-western concerts, lecture/demonstrations of instruments, colloquia and dialogues, and field trips. These activities vary from semester to semester.


This program consists of 24 units. Each student's course of study will be individualized according to his/her intellectual, creative, and career goals. All students interested in the minor should see a designated faculty adviser for information, selection and sequencing of courses as well as for written approval of transfer equivalents and course substitutions. Contact the appropriate faculty member or departmental office for faculty office hours.

Courses for this program are listed in alphabetical sequence (consult Index for page reference).


Introductory Course

MUS 505	Music of the World's Peoples		3
(Core courses may be taken concurrently 
with MUS 505, but not before the intro-
ductory course)

Core Courses

Students are expected to complete three units in 
each of the study areas listed.
Dance--one of the following three-unit groups		3
DANC 160	Afro-Haitian Dance (1) and
DANC 207	 Dance in Cultural Context (2) or
DANC 168	Folk Dance (1) and
DANC 235	 Folklore of Dance (2)
Ethnic Studies--one of the following:		3
AIS 220	American Indian Music
LARA 425	Comparative Music Folklore
ETHS 291	Contemporary Practices of Third 
World Performing Artists in America
Anthropology--one of the following:		3
ANTH 550	Culture and Personality
ANTH 569	Cross-Cultural Aspects of Sex and 
ANTH 580	Anthropology and the Arts
ANTH 581	Anthropology and Folklore

Concluding Requirement

Music/Dance/Anthropology/Ethnic Studies		3
Senior SeminarNon-Western/Cross-Cultural 
Musical Arts


Units which must be selected in consultation 

with an adviser		9
Minimum total		24

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