Marine Science

College of Science and Engineering
Dean: James C. Kelley

Department of Biology
HH 534
Chair: John Hafernik

Graduate Coordinator: Thomas Niesen


M.S. in Marine Science

Program Scope

This degree program, offered by the Department of Biology in cooperation with Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML), provides the opportunity for students to acquire a practical and theoretical education in the marine sciences to prepare them for careers as marine specialists, scientists, and teachers. The program at MLML provides extensive field and laboratory work for advanced study in the marine sciences, which cannot be duplicated on individual California State University consortium campuses.


Admission to the Program

The Master of Science in Marine Science is administered through MLML and the Department of Biology at San Francisco State University. For application forms, please contact the Chair, Department of Biology, at San Francisco State University or the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, P.O. Box 450, Moss Landing, California 95039. The prospective student will be considered for admission to conditionally classified graduate status on this campus by the normal admission procedures. Final determination of admission is made by MLML. See General Admission Requirements section.

Fully Classified Status in the Program

A conditionally classified student may become fully classified in the marine science program as set forth in the following steps:

Advancement to Candidacy

In order to be advanced to candidacy the student must have:

San Francisco State University students at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories must continue to follow university enrollment regulations and use San Francisco State University Marine Science course numbers.


A student becomes eligible for the master's degree in Marine Science after the following requirements have been satisfied:

1. The student has been advanced to candidacy.
2. The student has satisfied MLML's requirements for the degree.
3. The student has completed the following curriculum requirements:
a. A minimum total of fifteen required units of 700 and 800 level courses (a minimum of 30 total units), including two units of MSCI 885, MSCI 886, or MSCI 887, and four units of MSCI 898.
b. A total of not more than fifteen units of upper division courses as approved by the thesis committee.
4. The student must have submitted a thesis approved by the thesis advisory committee. The thesis must conform to the regulations set forth by the Graduate Division, SFSU.
5. The student must successfully give an oral thesis defense in the form of a seminar open to the general public. The thesis advisory committee must be present, may require further oral questioning after the seminar, and will evaluate the success of the presentation.

Courses Acceptable

Elective courses that may be used to satisfy requirements are listed below. Other electives including courses from SFSU may be included in consultation with the thesis advisory committee. The combination of required units (seminar and thesis) and elective units must total at least 30 units.

MSCI 305	MS 105
MSCI 312	MS 112
MSCI 313	MS 113
MSCI 324	MS 124
MSCI 325	MS 125
MSCI 331	MS 131
MSCI 361	MS 161
MSCI 373	MS 173
MSCI 374	MS 174
MSCI 375	MS 175
MSCI 377	MS 177
MSCI 702	MS 202
MSCI 704	MS 204
MSCI 711	MS 211
MSCI 712	MS 212
MSCI 722	MS 222
MSCI 731	MS 231
MSCI 733	MS 233
MSCI 734	MS 234
MSCI 744	MS 244
MSCI 745	MS 245
MSCI 751	MS 251
MSCI 761	MS 261
MSCI 771	MS 271
MSCI 772	MS 272
MSCI 774	MS 274
MSCI 780	MS 280
MSCI 885	MS 285
MSCI 886	MS 286
MSCI 887	MS 287
MSCI 897	MS 298
MSCI 898	MS 299

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