California Studies

College of Behavioral and Social Studies
Dean: Joel J. Kassiola

College of Humanities
Dean: Nancy McDermid

California Studies Program
HSS 336
Director: Lee Davis


Minor in California Studies

Program Scope

The Minor in California Studies gives students the option to pursue a directed program of interdisciplinary study focused on California, which will appear on the students' transcript. This program encourages the development of both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the peoples, cultures, cultural expressions, and environments of California, past and present.


Program Units
Required Core
AMST 410/HUM 450 California Culture 3
HIST 450 History of California 3
Units selected from the following: 9
AIS 450 Perspectives of Native California Indians
AAS 300 Asian Americans in California
BLS 312 Kalifia: The Black Heritage of California
LARA 315 La Raza in California
Total for core 15
Elective Courses
Choose one course from each of the following categories: 9
Humanities and Creative Arts
ENG 531 Selected California Literature
NEXA 398 John Steinbeck and "Doc" Ricketts: Literature and the Sea
HUM/IAC 371 Art and Artists of California
HUM 376 San Francisco
IAC 370 Art and Artists of San Francisco
Behavioral and Social Sciences
ANTH 356 Archaeology of California
ANTH 352 People and Cultures of California
ECON 530 The Political Economy of the San Francisco Bay Area
GEOG 552 Geography of California
GEOG 651 San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Issues
PLSI 473 California Politics
Natural Sciences
BIOL 300 Nature Study
BIOL 305 Marine Plants and Animals of the California Coast
GEOL 350 Geology of the National Parks (by advisement)
GEOL 272 Earthquakes and the San Andreas Fault
GEOL 356 Geology of California
METR 356 California Weather Events
Total for minor 24

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