American Indian Studies

College of Ethnic Studies
Dean: D. Phillip McGee

Department of American Indian Studies
PSY 103
Chair: Angela Gonzales



Assistant Professors--De La Torre, Gonzales

Lecturers--Bates, Burnam, Myers, Tsosie


Minor in American Indian Studies

Program Scope

The Minor in American Indian Studies will provide students with a critical and analytical approach to the study of native North American Indians, historically and contemporarily. Through its multidisciplinary course offerings, students will gain an academic and philosophical understanding of and appreciation for the great diversity of native North American peoples and tribes, and of the unique relationship between Indian tribes and the federal government. Through solid course work, the goal of the American Indian Studies Minor is to provide students with a critical, holistic, and community-centered background for graduate studies, teaching, and careers in a variety of professions and disciplines.

Career Outlook

A Minor in American Indian Studies can be used by students in several different ways: preparation for a career in teaching; enhancement of career opportunities in social service or community work among American Indian peoples; and preparation for graduate studies in the humanities and social sciences or law and public policy.

Minor Program

Courses in the American Indian Studies Program are open to all students. The minor is designed to provide students with a comprehensive course of study regarding the experience and diversity of native North American Indians, past and present. It may be taken in addition to a regular major or incorporated as part of a special major. Students may also elect several courses individually in fulfillment of general education requirements.

While not required, students pursuing a Minor in American Indian Studies are encouraged to complete an internship in a local American Indian community service agency or organization arranged through the American Indian Studies Program.


NOTE: The Minor in American Indian Studies is currently under revision. Students filing for the minor during the 1998-99 academic year or earlier may complete the minor according to the following program or may elect to fulfill the new requirements once the changes are approved.

In order to qualify for a Minor in American Indian Studies, a student must successfully complete 24 units, fifteen of which must come from core courses and nine from electives on advisement. If a particular course required for the minor is not offered in a given year, seniors, upon petition to the program chair, may substitute another American Indian studies course in fulfillment of the requirements.

Program Units
Required Core (15 units)
AIS 162 American Indian Oral Literature 3
AIS 310 American Indian Religion and Philosophy 3
AIS 400 American Indian Education 3
AIS 450 American Indian Science 3
AIS 530 American Indian Psychology 3
Electives (9 units)
Elective courses selected from the following on advisement 9
AIS 150 American Indians and U.S. History
AIS 205 American Indians and U.S. Laws
AIS 220 American Indian Music
AIS 225 American Indian Art
AIS 235 American Indian Images and Issues in the Mass Media
AIS 360 Contemporary American Indian Writers
AIS 410 Perspectives of Native California Indians
AIS 420 American Indian Women
AIS 460 Power and Politics in American Indian History
AIS 470 American Indian Ethnicity
AIS 480 American Indian Revitalization Movements
AIS 560 American Indian Contemporary Creative and Performing Arts
AIS 600 Current Issues in the American Indian Community
Total 24

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