Asian American Studies

College of Ethnic Studies
Dean: D. Phillip McGee

Department of Asian American Studies
PSY 103
Chair: Marlon K. Hom


Professors--Begonia, Chan, J., Chew, Dong, Hom, Okutsu, Woo

Associate Professors--Chung, Gonzales, Kobashigawa

Assistant Professors--de Jesus, Hsu, Le, Nhung, Tran


Minor in Asian American Studies

Program Scope

The goals of the Asian American Studies Department include:

These goals are approached through a combination of course offerings, guided research, supervised fieldwork and participation, and student/faculty involvement in Asian American community activities and issues. The department is committed to a constant evolution of its programs and perspectives so as to reflect the dynamic character of Asian American life and circumstances. Towards these ends, courses offered by the department can be used in a number of programs and to meet a variety of graduation requirements. Solid course work in the department will be of significant value to any student intending a career that involves significant contact with Asian Americans.

Minor Program.The department offers a Minor in Asian American Studies for those students who wish to pursue a coherent course of study regarding the Asian American experience while completing majors in other fields. The minor program is designed to provide a wide range of course selections while ensuring knowledge of a broad range of different Asian American groups. The minor is of particular value for those students whose chosen careers may bring them into regular professional contact with Asian American groups and communities.

General Education and History/Government Requirements.The Asian American Studies Department has designed its course offerings so that students may take a broad range of courses in Asian American Studies while also meeting their general education and history and government requirements for graduation. These offerings explore all aspects of Asian American history, arts, and contemporary family and community experience, providing students with the opportunity to obtain a solid understanding of Asian American life and communities.

Liberal Studies.Asian American Studies courses can be used to meet many of the requirements for a B.A. in Liberal Studies, most especially as the basis for an emphasis in ethnic studies in Area III, Social Science. Those students planning to seek a multiple subjects credential to teach in the elementary school grades can use additional Asian American Studies courses to meet some of the subject matter and general unit requirements in the 85-unit liberal studies program for credential candidates. Students are encouraged to see a Liberal Studies adviser early in their enrollment, if they wish to make full use of these options.

Teacher Preparation.Courses in the Asian American Studies Department will provide important knowledge on Asians in America that can assist them in teaching in California. Course work in Asian American Studies also will help prepare students and meet credential subject matter requirements as described earlier as part of the liberal studies major.


A total of 24 units are required for the Asian American Studies Minor--eighteen of which must be from core courses and six from electives on advisement.


Core Courses

Introductory Course(chosen from one of the
following) 3
AAS 200	History of Asian Americans
ETHS 210	Asian American Culture
ETHS 220	Asians in America
Ethnic-group Courses--one each chosen from 
three of the four ethnic groups listed
below) 9

Chinese American

AAS 310	Chinese in America
AAS 315	Chinese American Personality
AAS 322	Chinese American Culture--
Language, and Literature

Pilipino American

AAS 355	Psychology and Behavior of 
AAS 363	Survey of Philippine Literature
AAS 456	Pilipinos in America: Problems 
of Transition

Japanese American

AAS 331	Japanese Americans in the 
United States
AAS 335	Japanese American Personality
AAS 444	Japanese American Art and 

Southeast Asian American

AAS 370	Southeast Asians in America
Thematic or Cross-ethnic Courses--one 
chosen from the following: 3
AAS 205	Asian Americans and American 
Ideals and Institutions
AAS 206	Introduction to Asian American 
AAS 308	Photographic Exploration of Asian 
AAS 406	Asian American Workshop in 
Creative Writing
AAS 434	Concentration Camps, U.S.A.
AAS 603	Asian American Women
AAS 693	Asian Americans and the Mass 
Concluding Community Courses--one chosen 
from the following: 3
AAS 680	Community: Changes and 
AAS 695	Seminar on Contemporary Asian 
American Communities


Asian American Studies courses on advisement, 
with at least one upper division AAS

course		6
Total for minor		24

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