Administrative Officers


Fritz Arko
John Jacobs
Charles M. Collins
Walter L. Johnson
Stephen Dobbs
George Martinez
Richard Goldman
Zeppelin Wong
Bernard Goldstein

Reginald H. Biggs, Honorary Life Member
Louis Heilbron, Honorary Life Member
George W. Johns, Honorary Life Member


President					Robert A. Corrigan
Staff Assistant to the President			Elogeanne O. M. Grossman
Executive Assistant to the President			
Director, Special Projects				Sheila McClear
Director, Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Programs		Joseph M. Torres
University Counsel					Patricia B. Bartscher
University Dean, Human Relations				

Academic Affairs

Provost/Vice President, Academic Affairs			Thomas J. La Belle
Executive Assistant to the Vice President			Lin Bushart
Associate Vice President, Academic Program Development		Gail Whitaker
Associate Vice President, Academic Resources			John M. Gemello
Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs		Paul J. Fonteyn
Dean, Faculty Affairs and Professional Development		Gerald I. West
Director, Center for Enhancement of Teaching			Vicki Casella
Dean, Undergraduate Studies				Erwin Seibel
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Advising, and Learning Services	Mario Rivas
Director, Intensive Learning Program			Algenard Johnson
Dean, Graduate Division					Paul J. Fonteyn
Associate Dean, Graduate Division			Donna E. Schafer
Director, Graduate Admissions and Evaluations		Judith Anne Ott
Dean, College of Extended Learning			Peter Dewees
Associate Dean and Director, Summer and Winter Sessions 	Jo Volkert
Executive Director, Downtown Center and Continuing Education	Marci Manderscheid
Director, Audio-Visual Center and Instructional Television	Francis X. Moakley
Director, International Programs				Harvey Charles
Director (Interim), Strategic Planning			Richard C. Giardina
Director, Urban Institute					M. Brian Murphy

Academic Deans

Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences		Joel Kassiola
Dean, College of Business					Arthur Wallace
Dean, College of Creative Arts				Keith Morrison
Dean, College of Education				Jacob E. Perea
Dean, College of Ethnic Studies				D. Phillip McGee
Dean, College of Health and Human Services		Donald P. Zingale
Dean, College of Humanities				Nancy G. McDermid
Dean, College of Science and Engineering			James C. Kelley
University Librarian					Deborah Masters

Student Affairs

Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Students	J. E. (Penny) Saffold
Executive Assistant/Student Discipline Officer	Robert J. Westwood
Coordinator, Student Grievance			Evelyn Hooker
AIDS Coordinating Committee			Robert J. Westwood
Director, Athletics					Elizabeth Alden
Director/Chief, Public Safety			Kimberly A. Wible
Director, Student Health Services			Myra Lappin
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs		Kevin Bowman
Coordinator, Safe Place				Nina Jo Smith
Director, Career Center				Donald A. Casella
Director, Counseling and Psychological Services	Kevin Bowman
Director, Disability Resource Center		Kimberly Bartlett
Director, Student Activities				Terrence Mitchell
Director, Testing Center				Gerald F. Carrig
Interim Executive Director, Enrollment Planning and Management	Thomas Rutter
Interim Senior Director, Enrollment Services	Morris Head
Admissions Officer				Patricia Wade
Registrar						Michael Penders
Director, Educational Opportunity Program		Morris Head
Director, Student Financial Aid			Thomas Rutter
Director, Student Outreach Services		Frieda Lee

University Advancement

Vice President, University Advancement		James R. Collier
Director, Alumni Association			Kathleen Branagan
Director, Communications/Public Affairs		Ligeia Polidora
Director, Development	
Director, Government Relations			Chris Treadway
Director, Publications				Janet Wade

Business Affairs

Vice President, Business and Finance		Don W. Scoble
Executive Assistant to the Vice President		Christopher W. Bomar
Internal Auditor					Jim Van Ness
Budget Officer (Acting)				Patricia Armstrong
Controller						Larry Ware
Director, Human Resources			Denise R. Fox
Director, Auxiliary and Student Financial Services	Elizabeth Small
Director, University and Budget Planning		Leroy M. Morishita
Executive Director, Computing Services		John F. True

Physical Planning & Development

Vice President, Physical Planning & Development	Robert L. Quinn
Executive Assistant to the Vice President			Barbara Cleveland
Director, Campus Support Services			Richard Garbarino
Director, Capital Planning					R. Stephen Jack
Director, Environmental Health and Occupational Safety	Robert W. (Bud) Shearer
Director, Housing and Residential Services			Melissa D. Purcell
Director, Plant Operations					Robert E. Hutson
Director, Space Management				Hollis N. Matson
Director, Special Events/Conference Programs		Norma Urcuyo-Siani

Auxiliary Units

Business Manager, Associated Students			Peter Koo
General Manager, San Francisco State University Bookstore	Rob Strong
Executive Director, San Francisco State University Foundation	James R. Collier
Managing Director, Cesar Chavez Student Center			Guy Dalpe

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