Preschool-Early Childhood Education

College of Extended Learning
Dean: Peter Dewees

Preschool-Daycare Early Childhood Education Program
ADM 153
Program Director: Lynn Steinman


Certificate in Preschool-Early Childhood Education

Program Scope

This certificate program enables preschool and early childhood personnel to meet requirements for Children's Center Permits, enter preschool education, or continue their training in this field. Each semester Extended Learning offers a block of courses leading toward this certificate. Twenty-four units are required to complete the program. Each course earns three units unless otherwise noted. Students may enroll for individual classes or apply for admission to the certificate program. Advising is available for interested students (415) 338-1378 or 282-3269 (evenings and weekends).


Instructors in the program are selected for their outstanding teaching ability and their expertise in early childhood education and administration of childcare programs.

Career Outlook

The demand for qualified childcare professionals continues to grow due to changes in demographic and socioeconomic patterns in society at large. Various licensing agencies require childcare workers to complete course work to be eligible for particular positions. The following are specifically required:


Admission to Program

To be admitted to the certificate program, students should have completed 56 units of academic credit or have sufficient experience to demonstrate they can perform upper division work. Students who do not have 56 units may be accepted on probation and are encouraged to apply. Students may enroll in up to nine units before applying to a certificate program.

Writing Skills

The certificate program's course content requires a good grasp of writing skills. Certificate students are asked to demonstrate their writing ability soon after admission to the certificate program to satisfy the university literacy requirement. Those who do not have the necessary writing skills are referred to a course offered regularly through the continuing education program: ENG 414, Elements of Writing.

For complete course descriptions, contact the program director.

Entry Level Course

E ED 601	Introduction to Group Program for Young Children

Child Development Courses

E ED 600	The Young Child: Development and Learning
E ED 610	Observation and Assessment Techniques--The Young Child
E ED 611	Infant-Toddler Development
E ED 612	Development: The School Aged Child

Curriculum Courses

E ED 602	Curriculum for the Young Child
E ED 307	Teaching Young Children: Recognizing
		Individual Differences in Language and Cultural Diversity
E ED 613	Creative Arts for the Young Child
E ED 614	Developing Basic Math and Science Concepts with Young Children
E ED 615	Nature Study and Outdoor Education for Young Children
E ED 616	Developing Language and Communication Skills with Young Children
E ED 617	Social, Environmental, and Community Studies for Young Children
E ED 697	Music for Young Children (1)
E ED 697	Play and Play Environments for the Young Child

Supervised Field Work Courses

Certificate students are required to complete at least one supervised field work course. Supervised field work courses can be used to fulfill experience requirements for Children's Center Permits.

E ED 605	Supervised Field Work--Focus: Child-Development
E ED 608	Supervised Field Work--Focus:  Curriculum

Child, Family, Community Courses

E ED 306	Teaching Young Children: Recognizing the
		Needs of Children and Families in Contemporary Society or
E ED 604	Working with Parents in Group Programs for Young Children
Preschool Administration Courses
E ED 606	Administration and Supervision of Preschool Programs
E ED 607	Administration: Developing Human
		Relations for Staff in Group Programs for Young Children
E ED 697	Health and Safety in Childcare Programs (1-3)

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