Positive Health, Fitness, and Leisure

College of Health and Human Services
Dean: Donald P. Zingale

Positive Health, Fitness, and Leisure Program
SCI 394
Director: Mary Beth Love


Professors--Kern, Love, Michaelis


Minor in Positive Health, Fitness, and Leisure

Program Scope

The Minor in Positive Health, Fitness, and Leisure provides students with the knowledge and skills which will enable them to maximize potential for high level wellness for themselves and others. Positive or "high level" wellness is not just health or the absence of disease. It is a philosophy of life which promotes awareness of all things which affect our health, in combination with a program of positive action for self-improvement. Upon completion of the minor students will be able to demonstrate an understanding and integration of important principles and practices of (1) positive health, (2) fitness, (3) leisure as vital elements of a proactive healthy lifestyle.

The minor is an interdepartmental one, within the College of Health and Human Services. It is suitable for all majors who are interested in high-level wellness. It provides the awareness, knowledge, skills, strategies and resources that will not only enhance their personal and professional lives, but also provide exposure to the wide variety of career opportunities in the wellness and helping professions.

Career Outlook

A Minor in Positive Health, Fitness, and Leisure may contribute to a career in health promotion, psychology, counseling, coaching, or a number of other professions that deal with improving human health and well being.


Courses for this program are listed in alphabetical sequence (consult Index for page reference).

Students will be expected to complete an eleven-unit core of courses and nine units of electives, totaling twenty (20) units.

Core Courses

HED 310		Health and Society					3
REC 220		Leisure Lifestyle Development				3
KIN 300		Health-Related Fitness and Wellness			3
KIN 331		Peak Performance					3

Total									12


Electives are to be selected, with the help of an adviser, from the following list of 
courses. No more than six units may be selected from one department. Addition-
ally, a student may elect no more than three one-unit courses and no more than 
three units of activity courses.					9

Health Education

HED 312		Consumer Health
HED 315		Drugs and Society
HED 320		Contemporary Sexuality
HED 414		Women's Health--Problems and Issues
HED 525		Health Promotion in Ethnic Communities
HH 380		Western Perspectives
HH 381		Eastern Perspectives

Kinesiology and Dance

Any one- or two-unit physical activity course with a KIN or DANC prefix.
KIN 476		Physiological Basis of Exercise or
KIN 482		Exercise Physiology
KIN 487		Motor Development
KIN 457		Culture, Gender, and Movement
KIN 502		Sport and Social Issues

Recreation-Leisure Studies

REC 160		Recreation and Leisure Alternative Activities (1)
REC 230		Growth through Adventure
REC 330		Arts and Crafts for Leisure
REC 340		Conference and Event Planning and Management
REC 380		Developmental Play Processes
REC 420		Leisure and Contemporary Society
REC 430		Ecology of Outdoor Recreation
REC 445		Recreation Therapy and the Expressive Arts
REC 560		Current Practices in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services (1-3)

Consumer and Family Studies/Dietetics

CFS 252	Nutrition

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