Index of Academic Programs

Key to Subject Abbreviations

B   = Bachelor's degree
bc  = Bachelor's concentration
M   = Master's degree
mc  = Master's concentration
C   = Certificate
dc  = Doctoral concentration
m   = Minor
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Accountancy                                                  MS/Accountancy 
Accounting (bc, m)                                           BS/Business Administration 
Actuarial Science (m)                                       
Adult Education (mc)                                         MA/Education 
African Area Studies (m)                                    
American Indian Studies (m)                                 
American Studies (B, m)                                      BA/American Studies 
Anthropology (B, m, M)                                       BA/MA/Anthropology 
Applied Economics (mc)                                       MA/Economics 
Applied Geosciences (M)                                      MS/Applied Geosciences 
Applied Mathematics (B)                                      BS/Applied Mathematics 
Art (B, m, M)                                                BA/MA/MFA/Art 
Asian American Studies (m)                                  
Asian Area Studies (m)                                      
Astronomy (bc, m)                                            BA/Physics 
Astrophysics (bc)                                            BS/Physics 
Athletic Coaching (m, C)                                    
Banking (bc)                                                 BS/Business Administration 
Biochemistry (B)                                             BS/Biochemistry 
Biochemistry (mc)                                            MS/Chemistry 
Biology, General (B, m, M)                                   BA/MA/Biology 
Biomedical Laboratory Science (M)                            MS/Biomedical Laboratory Science 
Biotechnology (C)                                           
Black Studies (B, m)                                         BA/Black Studies 
Botany (bc)                                                  BS/Biology 
Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts                  see Radio and Television 
Business Administration (B, m, M)                            BS/MS/Business Administration/ Master of Business Administration 
Business Analysis (bc)                                       BS/Business Administration 
Business Computer Information Systems (m)                   
Cell and Molecular Biology (bc, mc)                          BS/MA/Biology 
Chemistry (B, m, M)                                          BA/BS/MS/Chemistry 
Chinese (B, m, M)                                            BA/MA/Chinese 
Cinema (B, m, M)                                             BA/MFA/Cinema 
Cinema Studies (M)                                           MA/Cinema Studies 
Civil Engineering (B)                                        BS/Civil Engineering 
Classics (B, m, M)                                           BA/MA/Classics 
Clinical Laboratory Science (C)                              see also Biomedical Laboratory Science 
Clinical Psychology (mc)                                     MS/Psychology 
Clinical Science (B)                                         BS/Clinical Science 
Clothing and Textiles (bc)                                   BA/Consumer and Family Science 
Commercial Recreation and Resort Management (bc)             BS/Hospitality Management 
Communication Studies, Individual Major (bc)                 BA/Speech Communication 
Communicative Disorders (B, M)                               BA/MS/Communicative Disorders 
Comparative Literature (B, m, M)                             BA/MA/Comparative Literature 
Composition (mc)                                             MA/English 
Computer Information Systems (bc)                            BS/Business Administration 
Computer Science (B, m, M)                                   BS/MS/Computer Science 
Conservation Biology (mc)                                    MA/Biology 
Construction Practices (C)                                  
Consumer and Family Science (B, m, M)                        BA/MA/Consumer and Family Science 
Cooperative Education (C)                                   
Counseling (m, M)                                            MS/Counseling 
Creative Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts (bc, mc)               BA/MA/Creative Arts 
Creativity and Arts Education (mc)                           MA/Creative Arts 
Creative Writing (bc, mc)                                    BA/MA/English 
Creative Writing (M)                                         MFA/Creative Writing 
Criminal Justice (bc, m)                                     BA/Social Science (Interdisciplinary Studies) 
Critical Social Thought (m)                                 
Dance (B, m)                                                 BA/Dance 
Dance Ethnology (bc)                                         BA/Dance 
Design and Industry                                          see Industrial Arts and Industrial Technology 
Design/Technical Production (mc)                             MFA/Theatre Arts 
Developmental Psychology (mc)                                MA/Psychology 
Dietetics (B)                                                BS/Dietetics 
Dietetics: Focus on Older Adults (C)                        
Drama (B, m, M) [also see Theatre Arts]                      BA/MA/Drama 
Early Childhood Education (mc)                               MA/Education 
Early Childhood Special Education (C)                       
Ecology (bc)                                                 BS/Biology 
Ecology and Systematic Biology (mc)                          MA/Biology 
Economics (B, m, M)                                          BA/MA/Economics 
Education, Special Interest Area (mc)                        MA/Education 
Educational Administration (mc)                              MA/Education 
Educational Technology (mc)                                  MA/Education 
Educational Therapy (C)                                     
Electrical Engineering                                       BS/Electrical Engineering 
Elementary Education (mc)                                    MA/Education 
Engineering (m, M)                                           MS/Engineering 
English and American Literature (m)                         
English Language Studies (m)                                
English, Individual Major (bc)                               BA/English 
Entrepreneurial/Small Business Management (bc, m)            BS/Business Administration 
Ethical Issues in Science and Technology (m)                
Ethnic Studies (M)                                           MA/Ethnic Studies 
Ethnographic Methods in Anthropology (m)                    
European Area Studies (m)                                   
Exercise Science and Fitness (bc)                            BS/Kinesiology 
Family Nurse Practitioner (C)                               
Film                                                         see Cinema 
Finance (bc, m)                                              BS/Business Administration 
Foreign Language                                             see individual languages 
French (B, m, M)                                             BA/MA/French 
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Studies (m)                      
Genetic Engineering (C)                                     
Geography (B, m, M)                                          BA/MA/Geography 
Geology (B, m)                                               BA/BS/Geology 
German (B, m, M)                                             BA/MA/German 
Gerontology (m, M)                                           MA/Gerontology 
Global Peace Studies (m)                                    
Health Science (B, m, M)                                     BS/MS/Health Science 
History (B, m, M)                                            BA/MA/History 
History Honors (bc)                                          BA/History 
Holistic Health (m, C)                                      
Home Economics                                               see Consumer and Family Science 
Hospitality Management (B)                                   BS/Hospitality Management 
Hotel Management (bc)                                        BS/Hospitality Management 
Human Movement Studies (bc)                                  BS/Kinesiology 
Human Resource Management (bc)                               BS/Business Administration 
Human Resource Management in Business (m)                   
Human Sexuality Studies (m)                                 
Humanities (B, m, M)                                         BA/MA/Humanities 
Industrial Arts (B, m, M)                                    BA/MA/Industrial Arts 
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (mc)                    MS/Psychology 
Industrial Technology (B)                                    BS/Industrial Technology 
Instructional Technologies                                   see Educational Technology 
Integrated Services (C)                                     
Intercultural Communication (bc)                             BA/Speech Communication 
Intercultural Skills (m)                                    
Interior Design and Housing (bc)                             BA/Consumer and Family Science 
Internal Auditing (bc)                                       BS/Business Administration 
International Business (bc, m)                               BS/Business Administration 
International Relations (B, m, M)                            BA/MA/International Relations 
Italian (B, m, M)                                            BA/MA/Italian 
Japanese (B, m, M)                                           BA/MA/Japanese 
Jewish Studies (m)                                          
Journalism (B, m)                                            BA/Journalism 
Kinesiology (B, M)                                           BA/BS/MA/Kinesiology 
La Raza Studies (B, m)                                       BA/La Raza Studies 
Labor Studies (B, m)                                         BA/Labor Studies 
Language Studies (bc, m)                                     BA/English 
Latin American Area Studies (m)                             
Legal/Court Interpretation (C)                              
Liberal Studies (B)                                          BA/Liberal Studies 
Linguistics (mc)                                             MA/English 
Literature (bc, m, mc)                                       BA/MA/English 
Logistics Management (bc)                                    BS/Business Administration 
Management (bc, m)                                           BS/Business Administration 
Marine Biology (mc)                                          MA/Biology 
Marine Biology and Limnology (bc)                            BS/Biology 
Marine Science (M)                                           MS/Marine Science 
Marketing (bc, m)                                            BS/Business Administration 
Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling (mc)                  MS/Counseling 
Mathematics (B, m, M)                                        BA/MA/Mathematics 
Mathematics Education (mc)                                   MA/Education 
Mechanical Engineering (B)                                   BS/Mechanical Engineering 
Medical Technology                                           see Clinical Laboratory Science or Biomedical Laboratory Science 
Meteorology (bc, m)                                          BA/Science 
Microbiology (bc, mc)                                        BS/MA/Biology 
Middle/Junior High School Studies (C)                       
Museum Studies (M)                                           MA/Museum Studies 
Music (B, m, M)                                              Bachelor of Music/BA/MA/Music/Master of Music 
Music/Recording Industry (C)                                
NEXA (bc, m)                                                 BA/Liberal Studies 
Non-Western/Cross-Cultural Musical Arts (m)                 
Nursing (B, M)                                               BS/MS/Nursing 
Office Systems (bc)                                          BS/Business Administration 
Organizational Communication (bc)                            BA/Speech Communication 
Paralegal Studies (C)                                       
Performance (mc)                                             MFA/Theatre Arts 
Performance/Choreography (bc)                                BA/Dance 
Philosophy (B, m, M)                                         BA/MA/Philosophy 
Philosophy and Religion (B, m)                               BA/Philosophy and Religion 
Physical Education (bc)                                      BS/Kinesiology - see also Kinesiology 
Physical Science (bc)                                        BA/Science 
Physical Therapy (M)                                         Master of Physical Therapy 
Physics (B, m, M)                                            BA/BS/MS/Physics 
Physiological Psychology (mc)                                MA/Psychology 
Physiology (bc)                                              BS/Biology 
Physiology and Behavioral Biology (mc)                       MA/Biology 
Political Science (B, m, M)                                  BA/MA/Political Science 
Positive Health, Fitness, and Leisure (m)                   
Pre-Health Professions (courses)                            
Pre-Physical Therapy Curriculum                             
Preschool-Early Childhood Education (C)                     
Product Design and Development (bc)                          BA/Industrial Arts 
Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (C)              
Psychological Field Services (C)                            
Psychological Research (mc)                                  MA/Psychology 
Psychological Services (m)                                  
Psychology (B, m, M)                                         BA/MA/Psychology 
Public Administration (M)                                    Master of Public Administration 
Radio and Television (B, M)                                  BA/MA/Radio and Television 
Real Estate (bc)                                             BS/Business Administration 
Recreation (B, m, M)                                         BA/MS/Recreation 
Rehabilitation Counseling (M)                                MS/Rehabilitation Counseling 
Rehabilitation Teaching for the Blind (C)                   
Religious Studies (m)                                       
Resource Management and Environmental Planning (mc)          MA/Geography 
Restaurant and Institutional Foodservice Management (bc)     BS/Hospitality Management 
Russian (B, m, M)                                            BA/MA/Russian 
School Psychology (mc)                                       MA/Psychology 
Science (B, M)                                               BA/MA/Science 
Science, Individual Major (bc)                               BA/Science 
Secondary Education (mc)                                     MA/Education 
Serious Emotional Disturbance (C)                           
Social Psychology (mc)                                       MA/Psychology 
Social Science, Interdisciplinary Studies (B, m, M)          BA/MA/Social Science, Interdisciplinary Studies 
Social Work (B, M)                                           BA/Social Work/Master of Social Work 
Sociology (B, m)                                             BA/Sociology 
Spanish (B, m, M)                                            BA/MA/Spanish 
Special Education (m, M, dc)                                 MA/Special Education, PhD/EdD/Education 
Special Major (B, M)                                         BA/MA/MS/Special Major 
Speech Communication (B, m, M)                               BA/MA/Speech Communication 
Statistics (B)                                               BS/Statistics 
Taxation (M)                                                 MS/Taxation 
Teaching Critical Thinking (C)                              
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (mc)         MA/English 
Teaching of Composition (C)                                 
Teaching Post-Secondary Reading (C)                         
Technical and Professional Writing (B, m, C)                 BA/Technical and Professional Writing 
Theatre Arts (M) [also see Drama]                            MFA/Theatre Arts 
Training Systems Development (C)                            
Urban Studies (B, m)                                         BA/Urban Studies 
Vocational Education (B)                                     Bachelor of Vocational Education 
Vocational Special Education (C)                            
Women Studies (B, m, M)                                      BA/MA/Women Studies 
Women's Health Issues (m)                                   
World Development Studies (m)                               
Zoology (bc)                                                 BS/Biology 

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