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American Indian Studies

College of Ethnic Studies
Dean: D. Phillip McGee

Department of American Indian Studies
PSY 103


Minor in American Indian Studies

Program Scope

The American Indian Studies Program is designed to present a conceptual framework for students to gain knowledge of a holistic way of life that has existed outside the dominant cultural format for thousands of years. Courses offered are concerned with two major areas of Indian life. First, the traditional ways of tribes that have held those traditions from precontact times through the reservation era, allows students to experience various histories, religions, ancient art forms, and musical styles. The second area includes the urbanization of rural Indians and the adaptation and inclusion of modern technology into Indian life leading to the emergence of an Inter-tribal Urban Indian culture.

It is hoped that the Indian faculty who are well versed in their own people's traditions will provide guidance and assistance for the Indian student throughout their academic career within the university. The non-Indian student will gain some insight into the vast spectrum of cultures of native peoples thereby creating a better understanding of American Indians.



AIS 162	American Indian Oral Literature				3
AIS 310		American Indian Religion and Philosophy		3
AIS 400		American Indian Education			3
AIS 450		American Indian Science				3
AIS 530		American Indian Psychology			3
Electives on advisement						9

Total								24

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