Withdrawal From a Course or Courses
During the first four weeks of instruction withdrawal (dropping a course or courses) is permitted without restriction or penalty. No symbol is recorded on the student's permanent record. The procedure for dropping a course during this period is described in detail in the Class Schedule.

After the first four weeks of instruction and before the beginning of the final three weeks of instruction withdrawal from a course or courses is permissible only for serious and compelling reasons. All requests for withdrawal during this period must be made in writing on the appropriate form and will be reviewed by the instructor and department chair or college dean.

Withdrawals are normally not permitted during the final three weeks except in verified cases of accident or serious illness where the cause of withdrawal is due to circumstances clearly beyond the student's control and where the assignment of an incomplete is not practicable. Ordinarily, withdrawals in this category will involve total withdrawal from the university. Requests are submitted on the same form as for withdrawal earlier in the term and must be reviewed by the instructor, department chair, and college dean.

Unofficial Withdrawal From a Course or Courses
Students who leave a course or the university without officially withdrawing from their enrollment commitments are subject to failing grades in the courses.

Withdrawal From the University
A student may withdraw completely from the university for serious and compelling reasons or in verified cases of accident or serious illness. All requests for withdrawal from the university must be submitted and justified in writing to the Registrar.

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