An undergraduate or graduate student may be placed on administrativeľacademic probation by the Board of Appeals and Review for any of the following reasons:


An undergraduate or graduate student who has been placed on administrative/academic probation may be disqualified from further attendance if:


Disqualified students may, after at least two semesters have elapsed, apply for readmission to the university, provided they have removed the academic deficiencies, or resolved the problems which may have caused the disqualification. The work taken to eliminate an academic deficiency at this institution must be taken through the College of Extended Learning, in either Winter Session, Summer Sessions, or Extension, in order to impact the grade point average at this institution. If disqualification resulted from any other reasons than academic performance, approval must be obtained from the unit of the university which recommended the disqualification action. Students disqualified from another institution, including other CSU campuses, may not be admitted to San Francisco State unless it can be demonstrated that the cause of the disqualification has been eliminated (additional course work with good grades, etc.) and the student is otherwise eligible to return to the institution of disqualification. For additional information, see section on readmission procedures.

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