The Educational Opportunity Program is charged with providing educational support services for students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. Many of these students are members of underrepresented ethnic groups in the California State University system. Retention related services are provided to enhance the ability of students to complete their degree requirements. These services include pre-admission counseling, academic advising, personal/career counseling, and tutorial assistance.

Applicants for the program are primarily, but not limited to, first-time freshmen and lower- division transfer students. All applicants must be residents of California and must not exceed maximum income eligibility criteria.

EOP Summer Bridge is a five-week, live-in learning program consisting of academic, social, and cultural activities designed to prepare 100 incoming freshmen for the demands of university life. Classes especially designed to develop and improve skills necessary for survival in the university environment are provided. Students are introduced to an extensive educational support service network and are encouraged to use EOP advising and tutoring units, as well as other campus support services.


The Faculty/Student Mentorship Program (FSMP) is designed to enhance the retention of underrepresented freshmen or lower division transfer students of color (protégés) and to integrate them academically and socially into university life. Each protege is matched to a faculty and a student mentor who act as guides, role models, and friends. Mentors can help the proteges in focusing on their skills, expanding their growth, and building confidence. Mentors can also help integrate proteges into the university culture. This helps to promote better grades and lower dropout rates. Specific benefits that mentors provide to proteges who participate in the program are introducing them to other college students, referring them to proper advisers for academic assistance, finding specific people on campus who can assist them in solving problems, helping them feel comfortable talking to professors, and assisting them in finding tutorial help where needed. Contact Dr. Jesus Contreras, Director of the Faculty/Student Mentorship Program, at 338-2076 for information about the program.


Students of color can find a strong base of support while pursuing their degrees in SFSU's School of Engineering. This support came about because in the past few Black, Hispanic, and Native American students chose to major in engineering. To remedy this underrepresentation, the School of Engineering introduced the Minority Engineering Program (MEP) in 1985.

MEP recruits historically underrepresented minorities into SFSU's engineering program. Throughout their studies, the women and men in the program receive academic support and personal counseling to keep them on track toward their degrees.

MEP helps participating students graduate and enter the job market with the skills and confidence they need to succeed as engineers. Often alumni professionals augment the program by serving as primary role models for minority high school students who are beginning to plan their futures.

Black, Hispanic, and Native American students are encouraged to apply to the MEP. All applicants must satisfy the general requirements for admission to SFSU.

Success in engineering requires a background in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre- calculus/calculus, chemistry, and physics. Students who have not taken all these courses before enrolling at SFSU may take them at SFSU.


The Step to College (STC) Program is a collaborative effort among high schools and the Colleges of Education and Ethnic Studies. STC students are high school seniors who take two courses in critical thinking skills once each week after school for which they receive six (6) units of transferable credit. The courses are taught by SFSU professors who familiarize students with the format and structure of university courses. Students who participate in the program also receive help filling out university admissions and financial aid applications.

Step to College increases the high school graduation rates of disadvantaged minority students, helps them make a successful transition to higher education, and increases the college/university retention rates.


The mission of the Student Affirmative Action Program is to increase the eligibility rate of students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education. Student Affirmative Action provides early outreach services to students enrolled in the 8th through 12th grades which develop and improve the academic skills necessary for successful completion of college preparatory curriculum. Student Affirmative Action also provides early admission counseling and college admission assistance to underrepresented students and their families.

Among the early outreach services provided by SAA are the Study Skills Program for 8th grade students, the Mathematics Education Project for 9th through 12th grade students, SAT preparation and review workshops, and College Application Assistance Workshops for students and their families. College Opportunity Days are offered to 8th through 12th grade students. A Summer Enrichment Program which focuses on development and enhancement of college preparatory mathematics skill requirements is conducted on the San Francisco State University campus.


Student Outreach Services serves as university liaison with other educational institutions and agencies, teachers, counselors, parents, and prospective students. It disseminates information concerning admissions, majors, programs, policies, and procedures. It conducts pre-admissions sessions during high school and community college visitations. Among other responsibilities, the office participates in educational equity projects, facilitates the EOP application process, and coordinates the operation of the overall university outreach program.


Veterans, dependents of veterans, reservists, and active duty military personnel planning to use their veterans educational benefits, or any student with questions concerning veterans benefits, should contact the Veterans Certification Office, ADM 253, phone 338-2336.

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