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The Career Center helps students and graduates in career and job connections. The center maintains and makes available networks of employers, faculty/staff, clubs, and organizations to assist in the search process for jobs and careers. The university serves equal opportunity employers only. The Career Center is located at ADM 211, 338-1761.


JobsLine--part-time, full-time, internship, and on-campus jobs.

CareersLine--degree required career work, with interviews both on- and off-campus.

Job Listings on Paper--listings in binders, sent in by mail or fax.

On Campus Interviews--companies and agencies interviewing on campus.

Internships/Cooperative Education--practical experience enhancing both the student's learning and resume.

Career Planning

Career Counseling--counseling for any career related need.

Career Library--directories, lists, job search materials, occupational information, etc., all in one place.

Career Groups, Clinics--support groups for the undecided and the job searcher. Clinics to work on resumés, interviewing skills, job search strategies, etc.

Career Workshops, Presentations, etc.--special workshops, class presentations, student organization programs--all custom designed to meet group needs.

Career Development and Leadership Courses

Diversity Programs

Career Fair/Celebration--Spring week of job fairs, career networking, and program- centered celebration of SFSU's diversity.

Student Career Awareness Network (SCAN)--a network of student clubs, all focusing on jobs and careers.

Career Advice Link Line (CALL)--a hundred professionals in many fields available for information interviews and career advice over the phone.

Workability IV--job search skills and experiences for students with disabilities.

Faculty/Staff Services

Information Services--handy career information and research customized for interested faculty and staff to use in their work.

Cooperative Events--career panels, information days, mini-career fairs, etc.; all cooperatively designed and implemented.


The regular educational program of the university is offered continuously from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and during various weekends. A Class Schedule, listing all classes meeting during these hours, is prepared for each semester and may be purchased at The Bookstore.

The classes held during the late afternoon and evening hours and on weekends are part of the regular university offering. Students enrolling in these classes must have met all admission requirements of the university, including the filing of an official application for admission, the filing of complete official transcripts from other schools, colleges, and universities, and, in the case of lower-division applicants, the completion of required tests for admission.

The classes given during the summer sessions and by extension do not require admission to the university, but specific courses frequently require satisfying particular prerequisites. Separate schedules are provided for the summer sessions and extension programs.

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