The College of Health and Human Services offers undergraduate degrees in the following disciplines: (The numbers following the degrees are used by this university to identify the programs indicated. These numbers must be used on the application for admission, registration forms, application for graduation, etc.)

Bachelor of Arts
Home Economics 13011
Concentrations in:
Clothing and Textiles 13011
Interior Design and Housing 02031

Physical Education 08351

Recreation 21031

Social Work 21041

Bachelor of Science
Dietetics 13061

Health Science 12011
Concentrations in:
Allied Health
Community Health Education
Health Studies

Hospitality Management 05081
Concentrations in:
Commercial Recreation and Resort Management
Restaurant and Institional Foodservice Management

Nursing 12031

Physical Education 08351
Concentrations in:
Exercise Science and Fitness
Human Movement Studies

The College of Health and Human Services offers the following graduate degrees: (The numbers following the degrees are used by this university to identify the programs indicated. These numbers must be used on the application for admission, registration forms, application for graduation, etc.)

Master of Arts
Gerontology 21043

Home Economics 13011

Physical Education 08351

Master of Physical Therapy 12121
Master of Science
Counseling 08261
Concentration in: Marriage and Family Counseling 08261
Health Science 12011

Nursing 12031

Recreation 21031

Rehabilitation Counseling 12221

Master of Social Work 21041

Mission Statement

The College of Health and Human Services is a brand new college of the university. It is organized into the following administrative areas: Consumer and Family Studies/Dietetics, Counseling, Gerontology, Health Education, Kinesiology, Nursing, Physical Therapy Graduate Program, Recreation and Leisure Studies, and Social Work.

The primary mission of the college is to educate individuals to serve the present and future needs of society in the professional fields associated with health, human, and community services. The college promotes increased awareness among individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities of their roles as active agents in shaping personal action, public policy, and community life to enhance individual and collective well-being. In addition, it promotes greater understanding of the complex, interacting, physical, psychological, social, economic, political, and environmental factors which affect the performance and optimal functioning of individuals, families, and communities throughout the life span.

In addition to its undergraduate and graduate degree offerings, the college also offers a number of minor and certificate programs. Available minors include: Athletic Coaching; Counseling; Gerontology; Health Science; Holistic Health; Home Economics; Positive Health, Fitness, and Leisure; Recreation; and Women's Health Issues. Athletic Coaching is also offered as an undergraduate certificate program and Holistic Health is offered as a certificate through Extended Learning; and graduate certificate programs are offered in Dietetics, with a Focus on Older Adults, and in Rehabilitation Engineering Technology (in conjunction with the College of Science and Engineering). Nursing is seeking university approval to offer a graduate certificate in family nurse practice in 1995-96.

The Master of Physical Therapy program is a joint master's degree offered with the University of California, San Francisco. Undergraduate students interested in physical therapy may take a supporting major in one of the concentrations under the B.S. in Physical Education (see Kinesiology). The B.S. in Hospitality Management is an interdisciplinary degree program offered in conjunction with the College of Business.

Curricula in the new college meet high academic standards. All of the programs subject to national accreditation are accredited: Counseling by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs; Dietetics by the American Dietetic Association; Home Economics by the American Home Economics Association; Nursing by the National League for Nursing; Physical Therapy by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education; Recreation by the National Recreation and Park Association; Rehabilitation Counseling by the Council on Rehabilitation Education; and Social Work by the Council on Social Work Education. Nursing is also accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

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