Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Studies

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dean: Joseph Julian

Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Studies Program
PSY 502
Director: John De Cecco

Undergraduate Advisers: Brogan, DeCecco, Mahaney, Elia

Professors—Bonds, Brogan, DeCecco, Dopp, Flynne, Hoffman, Jenkins, McCoy, Scully

Associate Professors—Caulfield, Ovrebo, Wardlow

Assistant Professor—Levy

Lecturers—Auleb, Elia, Mahaney, Wick, Woo

Minor in Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Studies

Program Scope
Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Studies intends to delineate and analyze meanings that have been associated with homosexuality in various artistic, biological, cultural, educational, ethical, historical, and literary contexts; and examine the related issues of mixed-gender and cross-gender roles and practices.

The minor is broadly interdisciplinary. It draws courses from anthropology, biology, cinema, counseling, English, history, human sexuality studies, psychology, NEXA, social sciences, speech and communication studies, and women studies. The university also offers a Minor in Human Sexuality Studies.


The minor consists of a minimum of 24 units of undergraduate study. It is possible to use these courses to meet requirements in some undergraduate majors, in other minors, and various clusters in the General Education program. Specifically, several courses meet the requirements of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Perspectives cluster in Segment III of the General Education program.

Required Courses								Units
HMSX 301	Introduction to Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Studies		    3
HIST 314	Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual History				    3
One course from the following							  3-4
	HMSX/SS 421	Homophobia and Coming Out
	SPCH 525	Sexual Identity and Communication (4)
	WOMS 552	Lesbian Lives and Thought
One course from the following							  3-5
	ENG 633		Gay/Lesbian Love in Literature (4)
	WOMS 551	Lesbian Literature
	CINE 403	Homosexuality on Film
	ENG 618		Studies in Gay and Bisexual Literature [all topics]
	ENG 604		Literary Aspects of Contemporary Film (5)
One course from the following							    3
	NEXA 391	Biological Sex and Cultural Gender
	PSY 650/HMSX 600 Research on Sexual Identity
	PSY/HMSX 320	Sex and Relationships
	COUN/HMSX 326	Work and Leadership Issues of Bisexuals, Lesbians, 
			and Gays
Elective units from the following						 9-10
	ANTH 569	Cross-Cultural Aspects of Sex and Gender
	BIOL 330	Human Sexuality
	ENG 580		Individual Authors [selected topics on advisement]
	HMSX 350	Selected Issues in Human Sexuality (1 or 3) 
			[selected topics on advisement]
	HMSX 550	Field Service in Human Sexuality Studies (1-3)
	HMSX 400/PSY 450 Variations in Human Sexuality
	HMSX/PSY 436	The Development of Maleness and Femaleness (4)
	WOMS 550	Special Studies in Lesbian Lives
		Total for minor							24-28

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