This credential authorizes the holder to teach specified subject matter courses in departmentalized classrooms, grades pre-school through twelve or in classes for adults. Departmentalized classes exist most commonly in California junior and senior high schools. San Francisco State University provides for the following categories of single subjects:

Foreign Languages
Health Education
Home Economics
Industrial and Technology Education
Life Science
Physical Education
Physical Science
Social Science

Candidates must demonstrate their competence in an approved single subject by conference with an approved subject area credential adviser and successful completion of a competency assessment administered by that approved subject area. All students must meet with the appropriate department major adviser regarding subject matter competency assessment before starting the Credential Program.

Other requirements for a preliminary credential are:

Additional requirements for the professional clear credential are:

Professional Education Requirements
Two professional education programs for the preparation of teachers earning single subject credentials were approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing in 1993. The Single Subject Credential program plans to initiate the CLAD/BCLAD emphasis in Spring 1995.

Program A
This program consists of one semester of observation-participation in public schools and one semester of full-time student teaching, each accompanied by a seminar in secondary education. Program A integrates theory with practice in the classroom and provides opportunities for students in the first semester to explore both junior and senior high school teaching in different community settings, and in the second semester to specialize in urban, suburban, or bilingual settings.

Program B
The Department of Secondary Education has developed an evening credential program for those working in the teaching field. All or part of the field-work requirement (student teaching) can be met through university supervision of the candidates' current teaching activities. Only currently employed teachers are eligible for this program. Please call the department office (338-1201) to request a copy of the Employed Teacher Single Subject Credential flyer.

NOTE: The maximum university course load is sixteen units for credential candidates. A GPA of 3.0 or better is required in the Professional Teacher Education sequence of courses, and a grade of "C" or better must be earned in every course attempted. This also includes courses that fulfill requirements for the professional clear credential. S ED 640/651 and S ED 652/660 must be taken concurrently and cannot be taken prior to admission to the credential program. If the (Major) 650 course is not offered during the semester, S ED 659 may be substituted upon advisement only.

Program A Requirements for Preliminary Credential
Suggested First Semester Sequence						Units
S ED 640	Supervised Observation/Participation in Secondary Schools	 5
S ED 651	Seminar in Secondary Education					 5
S ED 620	Reading in the Secondary School					 3
(Major) 650  Curriculum and Instruction in Major Field or
	S ED 659	Curriculum and Instruction				 3
		Total for sequence						16
Suggested Second Semester Sequence
S ED 652	Advanced Seminar in Secondary Education				 4
S ED 660	Student Teaching: Single Subject				12
		Total for sequence						16
		Total for credential						32
Program B Requirements for Preliminary Credential
NOTE: S ED 710/660 and S ED 753/660 or 760 must be taken concurrently and cannot be taken prior to admission to the credential program.

Suggested First Semester Sequence						Units
S ED 710	Seminar in Secondary Education					 3
S ED 660	Student Teaching—Secondary Schools				 6
S ED 621	Teaching Reading in Every Class					 3
S ED 659	Curriculum and Instruction or
	S ED 850	Advanced Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction or
	(Major) 650  Curriculum and Instruction in Major Field			 3
		Total for sequence						15
Suggested Second Semester Sequence
S ED 753	Urban Education							 3
S ED 660	Student Teaching—Secondary Schools or
	S ED 760	Advanced Field Practicum				 6
S ED 811	Implications of Social and Technological Change for Teaching	 3
S ED 800	Teaching the Adolescent						 3
		Total for sequence						15
		Total for credential						30
A bill passed in October, 1977, AB 1250, regarding the California Master Plan for Special Education, specifies that ". . . all individuals receiving a clear teaching credential. . ., or administrative services credential after July 1, 1979, shall have received training in the needs of, and methods of providing educational opportunities to, individuals with exceptional needs."

The necessary knowledge and skills to meet this requirement are included in SPED 744, Mainstreaming Special Needs Students into the Regular Secondary Classroom.

The health/drug and nutrition requirement is met by H ED 635, Secondary School Health (1) and CPR. The CPR requirement can be met by completion of the American Heart Association: Level B or the American Red Cross: Community CPR course. CPR certification must be valid at the time the professional clear credential application is submitted. The computer education requirement is met by ED T 627. Completion of S ED 785, Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners, is also required.

Subject matter certification procedures vary by academic departments. Students interested in applying for enrollment in the single subject teaching credential program should see the 1994-95 Credential Programs Bulletin for specific department requirements.

Other details regarding admission (including early field experiences and certification of subject matter competence), academic requirements, and student teaching may also be found in the Credential Programs Bulletin. Students should attend scheduled information meetings and confer with their credential advisers regularly. Specific Single Subject waiver programs in the various content fields are presented in the Credential Programs Bulletin.

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