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DAWN NAKANISHI (1985), Lecturer in Art; A.A. (1977), DeAnza College; B.A. (1979), San Jose State University; M.A. (1982), San Diego State University.

RANDALL NAKAYAMA (1991), Assistant Professor of English; B.A. (1979), M.A. (1982), Ph.D. (1986), University of California, Berkeley.

MOHSEN NASER-TAVAKOLIAN (1978), Professor of Accounting; B.A. (1971), Iranian Institute of Accounting; M.A. (1974), Western Illinois University; Ph.D. (1980), University of Missouri; C.M.A. (1987).

GGISELA NASS (1990), Assistant Professor of Anthropology; B.A. (1972), George Washington University; M.A. (1976), Ph.D. (1979), University of Wisconsin.

MARVIN R. NATHAN (1965), Professor of Humanities; B.A. (1960), M.A. (1961), University of California, Berkeley.

JACOB NEEDLEMAN (1962), Professor of Philosophy; B.A. (1956), Harvard University; Ph.D. (1961), Yale University.

ELISABETTA NELSEN (1987), Lecturer in Italian; M.A. (1976), University of Florence (Italy); Ph.D. (1987), University of California, Berkeley.

RICHARD S. NELSON (1969), Department Chair and Professor of Marketing and Transportation; B.B.A. (1952), M.B.A. (1954), Southern Methodist University; Ph.D. (1956), University of Texas; post-doctoral study, St. Mary's Law School.

ALICE NEMON (1966), Professor of Counseling; B.A. (1952), Brooklyn College; M.S. (1954), Boston University; Ph.D. (1980), University of California, Berkeley.

BARBARA J. NEUHAUSER (1986), Professor of Physics; B.S. (1969), Purdue University; M.S. (1970), Stanford University; Ph.D. (1985), Stanford University.

VICTORIA J. NEVE (1975), Associate Professor of Music; B.M. (1971), Illinois Wesleyan University; M.M. (1974), D.M.A. (1979), University of Kansas.

JAMES W. NEWTON (1980), Associate Professor of Psychology; B.A. (1968), Dartmouth College; M.A. (1976), Ph.D. (1977), Stanford University.

DORA LEE NG (1966), Associate Librarian; B.A. (1964), San Francisco State University; M.L.S. (1965), University of California, Berkeley.

MAI NGUYEN (1987), EOP Adviser; B.S. (1987), San Francisco State University.

BILL NICHOLS (1987), Professor of Cinema; B.A. (1964), Duke University; M.A. (1972), Ph.D. (1978), University of California, Los Angeles.

ROBERT C. NICKERSON (1978), Professor of Computer Information Systems; B.S. (1968), M.S. (1969), University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (1978), University of California, Santa Cruz.

THOMAS M. NIESEN (1973), Professor of Biology; B.A. (1966), University of California, Santa Barbara; M.S. (1969), San Diego State University; Ph.D. (1973), University of Oregon.

NANCY J. NOBLE (1979), Lecturer in Design and Industry; B.A. (1977), M.A. (1984), San Francisco State University.

WADE NOBLES (1976), Professor of Black Studies; B.A. (1969), San Francisco State University; M.A. (1971), Ph.D. (1972), Stanford University.

NANCY NODA (1973), Librarian; B.A. (1970), University of California, Santa Cruz; M.L.S. (1971), University of California, Berkeley; M.A. (1982), San Francisco State University.

BOBBE NORRISE (1984), Lecturer in Kinesiology; B.A. (1963), M.A. (1974), San Francisco State University.

SUSANN NOVALIS (1973), Associate Dean, College of Science and Engineering, and Professor of Mathematics; B.S. (1965), Cornell University; M.S. (1966), California Institute of Technology; Ph.D. (1969), Stanford University.

JOHN J. O'SHAUGHNESSY (1982), Associate Professor of Accounting; B.S. (1975), University of San Francisco; M.B.A. (1979), Ph.D.. (1990), Golden Gate University; C.P.A. (1979), C.I.A. (1983), C.M.A. (1984), C.F.E. (1992).

KATHLEEN A. O'SULLIVAN (1986), Associate Professor of Secondary Education; B.S. (1970), M.A. (1980), Ph.D. (1985), University of Texas.

MARGO OKAZAWA-REY (1990), Associate Professor of Social Work; B.A. (1972), Capital University; M.S. (1974), Boston University; Ed.D. (1987), Harvard University.

JAMES K. OKUTSU (1975), Associate Dean, College of Ethnic Studies and Professor of Asian American Studies; B.A. (1970), University of California, Berkeley; Secondary Education (1971), University of California, Berkeley, J.D. (1974), University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

ALBERTO EMILIO OLIVARES (1979), Career Counselor, Career Center; B.A. (1979), advanced study, San Francisco State University.

WALDENKOLK OLIVEIRA (1989), Lecturer in Dance; B.A. (1978) University Gama Filho, Brazil.

RUFUS OLIVIER (1983), Lecturer in Music; Los Angeles City College; Member, San Francisco Opera Orchestra.

ABDIEL OŅATE (1988), Assistant Professor of History; B.A. (1971), Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Ph.D. (1984), El Colegio de Mexico; advanced study, University of East Anglia.

HENRY ONDERDONK (1960), Professor of Music; B.A. (1949), Princeton University; M.M. (1952), M.A. (1957), D.M.A. (1963), University of Michigan.

JAMES B. ORENBERG (1972), Professor of Chemistry; A.B. (1965), Williams College; Ph.D. (1969), Pennsylvania State University.

JACK W. OSMAN (1967), Professor of Economics; B.S. (1961), M.A. (1963), Ph.D. (1966), Rutgers University.

SERGE V. OVCHINNIKOV (1983), Professor of Mathematics; B.M. (1966), M.A. (1969), Ph.D. (1971), Moscow University.

BEVERLY J. OVREBO (1987), Associate Professor of Health Education; B.A. (1973), Kalamazoo College; M.A. (1982), D.P.H. (1986), University of California, Berkeley.

NORMAN N. OWEN (1989), Professor of Engineering; B.S. (1960), M.S. (1962), North Carolina State University; Ph.D. (1974), University of California, Berkeley.

THERESE M. OWEN (1980), Lecturer in Russian; B.A. (1975), M.A. (1983), San Francisco State University.

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