Bulletin--Faculty D


ANTHONY W. D'AGOSTINO (1969), Professor of History; B.A. (1959), M.A. (1962), University of California Berkeley; Ph.D. (1971), University of California, Los Angeles.

RENE FUKUHARA DAHL (1989), Associate Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies; B.S. (1973), M.S. (1977), San Jose State University; M.A. (1986), M.A. (1988), Ph.D. (1989), Stanford University.

MARIO D'ANGELI (1953), Professor of Social Welfare; B.A. (1949), M.S.S.A. (1951), Case Western Reserve University; Ph.D. (1963), University of Florence (Italy).

ROBERT H. DANIELS (1983), Professor of Accounting; B.A. (1969), Harvard College; J.D. (1972), Harvard Law School; L.L.M. (1982), Golden Gate University.

KENNETH L. DANKO (1986), Professor of Accounting; B.S. (1972), M.B.A. (1974), University of Detroit; D.B.A. (1981), Indiana University; C.M.A. (1984).

GAYLE DAVIES (1977), Lecturer in English; B.A. (1976), M.A. (1982), San Francisco State University.

JIM DAVIS (1989), Acting Associate Dean, Director of Inter-Arts Center and Special Programs, College of Creative Arts, and Professor of Creative Arts; B.A. (1964), B.F.A. (1965), California College of Arts and Crafts; M.F.A. (1967), M.A. (1970), University of Colorado.

JERRY D. DAVIS (1988), Assistant Professor of Geography and Human Environmental Studies; A.B. (1976), Georgia State University; M.A. (1982), Ph.D. (1987), University of Georgia.

RICHARD E. DAVIS (1989), Associate Professor of Biology; B.A. (1976), Lafayette College; M.S. (1979), Ph.D. (1982), The University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

CHITRESH DAS (1987), Lecturer in Dance; B.A. (1968), Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta; M.A. (1969), Prayag Sangeet Samiti.

JOHN P. DeCECCO (1960), Director, Human Sexuality Studies Program and Professor of Psychology; B.S. (1946), Allegheny College; M.A. (1949), Ph.D. (1953), University of Pennsylvania.

ROBERT A. DE GUZMAN (1983), University Articulation Officer; B.A. (1972), M.S. (1983), San Francisco State University.

DOREEN DEICKE (1989), Lecturer in English; B.A. (1985) LeMoyne College; M.A. (1988), San Francisco.

RANDOLPH S. DELEHANTY (1978), Assistant Professor of Humanities; B.A. (1966), M.A. (1968), University of Chicago; M.A. (1970), Harvard University.

RICHARD E. DeLEON (1970), Professor of Political Science; B.A. (1966), University of California, Berkeley; M.A. (1968), San Francisco State University; Ph.D. (1972), Washington University (St. Louis).

KENNETH DelPONTE (1987), Lecturer in English; B.A. (1972), University of Connecticut; M.A. (1988), San Francisco State University.

DAVID P. DEMPSEY (1989), Assistant Professor of Meteorology; B.S. (1978), University of California, Davis; Ph.D. (1985), University of Washington.

DENNIS E. DESJARDIN (1990), Associate Professor of Biology; B.S. (1983), M.A. (1985), San Francisco State University; Ph.D. (1989), University of Tennessee.

LEWIS DeSOTO (1988), Associate Professor of Art; B.A. (1978), University of California, Riverside; M.F.A. (1981), Claremont Graduate School.

FINIS E. DEW (1970), Associate Professor of Counseling; B.S. (1955), McKendree College (Illinois); M.S. (1964), Southern Illinois University; Ed.D. (1970), West Virginia University.

PETER M. DEWEES (1966), Dean, Extended Education; B.A. (1959), Golden Gate University; M.A. (1970), San Francisco State University.

JOHN D. DIERKE (1967), Professor of Design and Industry; B.A. (1967), M.A. (1969), San Francisco State University; advanced study, University of San Francisco; Ed.D. (1974), University of Southern California.

LINDA S. DOBB (1990), Assistant University Librarian; B.A. (1973), University of California, Berkeley; M.L.S. (1974), Simmons College; J.D. (1983), Hastings College of Law.

LORRAINE DONG (1987), Associate Professor of Asian American Studies; B.A. (1969), M.A. (1970), San Francisco State University; Ph.D. (1978), University of Washington.

BRIAN F. DONNELLY (1990), Assistant Professor of Design and Industry; B.A. (1975), Marist College; M.F.A. (1980), Rhode Island School of Design.

JOHN A. DOPP (1979), Professor of Management; B.S. (1967), M.B.A. (1969), Miami University; D.A. (1978), Lehigh University.

TIMOTHY B. D'ORAZIO (1984), Professor of Engineering; B.S. (1975), M.S. (1976), University of Michigan; Ph.D. (1982), University of California, Berkeley.

DONALD V. DOUB, JR. (1966), Professor of English; B.A. (1960), Seattle University; M.A. (1961), University of California, Berkeley; Ph.D. (1966), Harvard University.

ROBERT J. DOUGLAS (1969), Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics; B.S. (1961), M.S. (1966), Ph.D. (1968), University of Washington.

TIMOTHY W. DRESCHER (1977), Lecturer in Humanities and English; B.A. (1963), Dartmouth College; M.A. (1966), University of Wisconsin; Ph.D. (1971), University of Wisconsin.

ANDREW E. DUBIN (1986), Professor of Educational Administration; B.A. (1972), City College of New York; M.S. (1981), California State University, Fullerton; Ph.D. (1983), Claremont Graduate School.

EDWIN C. DUERR (1962), Department Chair, International Business, and Professor of Management and International Business; B.S. (1954), Illinois Institute of Technology; M.S. (1961), San Francisco State University; Ph.D. (1968), University of California, Berkeley.

JAMES H. DUGGINS, JR. (1967), Professor of Secondary Education; B.A. (1961), M.A. (1964), San Francisco State University; Ph.D. (1970), University of California, Berkeley.

JERRY C. DUKE (1978), Professor of Dance; B.S. (1962), Jacksonville State University; M.M. (1971), Florida State University; M.A. (1980), University of California, Los Angeles; Ph.D. (1982), Texas Women's University.

JOANNE C. DUKE (1987), Professor of Accounting; B.A. (1970), San Jose State University; M.B.A. (1981), University of San Diego; C.M.A. (1984); Ph.D. (1987), The Pennsylvania State University.

CLAYTON W. DUMONT, JR. (1991), Assistant Professor of Sociology; B.S. (1985), Southern Oregon State College; M.S. (1987), Ph.D. (1991), University of Oregon.

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